WWE WrestleMania Results: Cody Rhodes returns to WWE

It’s official. Cody Rhodes has signed with WWE and has been confirmed as Seth Rollins’ secret rival at WWE WrestleMania 38. He came out with the “Kingdom” theme used in AEW and he got a growing entrance from the bottom of the stage.

Notes from the match:

There was a choir for Rollins’ entrance. Cody got a huge pop as a top-notch star. Cody committed some crime on Rollins and then Cody danced and gestured old stardust that he was hurting the past. Cody got most of the offense in the first few minutes.

Cody and Seth tried to squeeze each other but they got stuck on the rope above and on the floor. Cody pushed Rollins to the ring post and he continued to work his arm as they returned to the ring. After taking a kick in the mid-section, Rollins fought back by kicking him in the head but Cody grabbed his hand again and he took Rollins to the mat.

Cody went for a crossbody from the top but Rollins hit him with a dropkick. Rollins hit a gutbuster and then he tried to pin. Rollins shouts, “Welcome back to the Big League. Rollins hits a back elbow and a chop but Cody hits an arm and a power slam. AEW hadn’t recovered from the dynamite fire a few months ago. Cody hit a monster and he overshot but it was enough that they could save it. Back in the ring, Rollins hit the Falcon Arrow and almost pinned Rhodes. They tackled their finishers, Rollins rolls Rhodes up, he kicks out and Rhodes hits Rhodes but Rollins kicks out. Huge pop. Tried to go but Rollins recovered and pushed him over the turnbuckle. Rhodes kicked out of the pin effort. Rollins misses a Phoenix splash, Rollins avoids pedigree, Cody Powerbombs Rollins. Cody hits Cody Cutter from the rope above and releases Rollins again. Rollins hit the hereditary but Cody pin kicked out of the effort. They do chop and punch business. Rollins hits the elbow in the face and the back of a head. Cody hit Cross Rhodes twice more, then Dusty Rhodes flip flops and flies. Wow, amazing response from the crowd. He hit another cross Rhodes and pinned Rollins.

Click here for the full WWE WrestleMania results.

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