WWE WrestleMania Result: Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled a real match

WWE WrestleMania 38 closes with the KO show segment with Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

When Owens picked up the microphone, there was a massive kiss and the “Austin” slogan. Owens started talking about what he said about Austin and Texas. Owens said Texas would be a North American donkey. Owens then apologized to all the Texans for saying “the absolute truth of God about your miserable condition.”

KO says he will introduce his guest when he is ready. He started calling Austin the worst role model in WWW history and told him to look her in the eye and tell her how much he was sucking because he would not do anything ‘curse’ and he would sit in the chair and accept it. . He also teased that he would pour the bear on his “stupid bald head”.

Austin broke the glass and went to the stage. He wore his classic 3:16 shirt and jean shorts. Austin teased walking in the ring but he got out to get his 4 wheeler and he drove it around the ring. Austin destroyed the set when he went to pose his corner on Turnbuckle but no one stopped the music saying he would not let Austin take his show.

Austin and Keo sat in their seats and the interview began. Austin called Owens to look like a jackfruit and run under the great state of Texas “You’re a stupid bitch.” KO says Texas is hot and flat in the summer and uninspiring. “People in Texas are wearing dumb belts and people are dumb,” he said. KO said he would have moved to Mexico if he had been forced to grow up in Texas.

KO told Austin not to be a stereotypical, crude, vulgar Texan and that he would be a big man. KO told Austin that he lied about making a statement. KO says he wants a war. He challenged Austin in a match. He said Austin’s back, knees and neck were bad 19 years ago and he would not admit it but he would prefer a No Holds Barred match now. KO says Austin knows he can’t beat her. He said Austin should stop embarrassing himself and he could get on his little golf cart and go back to his “stupid farm.”

Austin looked around as the crowd cheered. Austin said his first match was in Dallas, Texas and his last match could be in Dallas, Texas. Austin wanted a “hell yes” if fans wanted to see him against “this shit”. Austin asked for a referee to start the match. The bell rang and they stood face to face. They traded fists and pushed Austin. Austin whipped KO into the turnbuckle and he fell on his back. Austin drank a beer and then stuck Owens in the other corner of the ring. Austin then knocked Keok out of the ring. Austin flipped an Irish whip and hit KO with a shirt. Austin dropped him off at the barricade and then raised his eyes as fans chanted “You still got it”. KO then sends Austin’s head to the ring post.

KO pulled a table from under the ring, KO tried to send him into it but Austin turned around and crashed through the table behind KO. Austin throws KO into the crowd and they quarrel. Austin tried to make a suplex on the floor but someone retaliated and he suplexed Austin. The quarrel continued and Wayne Austin knelt down on his stomach. They went back to the ringside. KO tried to make a dive from the barricade but Austin grabbed him and hit him through the announcer’s table. Austin got some beer and then punched KO on the table. Austin drank some more beer and spat at KO. KO tried to escape in a 4 wheeler but Austin punched him in the back. Austin got into the 4 wheeler and went on stage so that he and Owens could fight there. Austin hit KO with a suplex on stage. He brought her to the other side of the stage and did it again.

Austin brought KO back into the ring and then he drank some more beer. Someone hit Stunner and he went for the pin but Austin pulled out. Austin went to use a chair but it bounced off the rope and fell on his head. Austin stunner hit and Wens pin. Weinstein was taken back by the Dallas police as Austin celebrated with lots of beer. Austin grabbed the mic and said it’s better to come from Dallas, Texas because that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.

Austin Byron invited Saxton to the ring so they could have a drink and he could give Saxton a stunner. Austin’s brother went to the ring to have a beer and hug his brother. Austin did not embarrass himself at all.

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