Wow stock and $ 500,000 cattle: Dr. Oz’s Senate bid reveals his assets

Oz, 61, a retired Republican, is vying for the GOP nomination, which is widely regarded as one of the most important Senate races in the country, to fill Pat Tumi’s seat. Republicans see it as a win for Senate control. Democrats consider Pennsylvania, which President Biden won briefly in 2020, as an opportunity to compensate for potential losses by the party’s weakest incumbents in states like Georgia and Arizona.

To reach the general election, Oz will have to win a bad slogfest with another superreach first-time candidate, David McCormick, the former chief executive of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. McCormick, who has not yet filed a financial statement, must do so at least 30 days before the May 17 primary.

Together, according to Ad Impact, Oz, McCormick and several of their wealthy supporters have competed with more than $ 37 million in ads for Super PAC ads, primarily on television. Pro-McCormick Super PACs have gone after Oz as a closet liberal. Oz McCormack, a super PAC supporter, has denounced China as soft on China.

Although Oz often criticizes Big Tech on the campaign trail and tries to appeal to Trump-centric primary voters by opposing “big government, big media and big business”, his revelations show that he has huge investments in some of the country’s largest companies. Including Amazon, Apple and Alphabet.

Prior to competing for office, he presided over “The Doctor’s Oz Show” for more than 12 years, which he co-produced with Winfrey’s company. He earned $ 2.2 million last year as the show’s host and co-producer and মালিক 7 million as the owner of Oz Media, which co-produced the show. It closes in January.

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