Why should the Lakers be embarrassed, plus Tiger Woods is back but

Happy Wednesday, all. Hope you had a better night than the Lakers.

Let’s get it right!

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Good morning everyone but especially …

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Tiger Woods (and golf fans everywhere)

Tiger Woods Come back, people. Later Practicing at Augusta National last week And then The decision was announced during a game on SundayFive-time Masters Tournament Champion “I think I’m going to play.” Yesterday at his press conference.

All goes into planning now and then Tomorrow at 10:34 in the morningIt will be a truly remarkable recovery.

  • Woods Last played in a competitive event at the 2020 MastersWhich was held in November of that year due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Just a few months later, he entered A serious single car accident That immediately requires various surgeries.

The headline of yesterday’s press conference was Graber that he plans to play, Woods Lots of other questionsIt should be noted that although he has not played in any professional tournament for almost a year and a half, He hopes to compete.

Of course he does. He is Tiger Woods. Getting him back is great for playing golf. I know what I’m going to do tomorrow at 10:34 am.

Honorable mention

  • The Panthers Still on top Our NHL Power RankingBut Wild There are peaks at the right time.
  • Here it is Top players Men’s college basketball Transfer portal.

And not a good morning for that …

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers Finally, it has been compassionate and formal The NBA playoffs are out of contention Follow their rate against The sun And Spurs win in Nugget.

Entering the season, the Lakers had the second-shortest chance of winning the championship, only Fake, But things quickly went awry. The reasons, obviously, are quite simple:

  • Russell Westbrook Didn’t have a good fit along LeBron James And Anthony DavisSo much for that The alleged coach pushed Westbrook to trade Trade deadlines
  • James and Davis, meanwhile, have dealt with a series of injuries. They have missed a combined 62 games this season.
  • The Lakers are 23rd on the defensive rating this season. For reference, they were the first and third two seasons before last year, when they won the title.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the Lakers have a complete lack of sense of urgency. On March 1, they climbed to ninth place in the Western Conference: not great, but far from a lost season, especially considering the injury problems they had to deal with. Since then, they have been 4-15. Only the Trail Blazer – a team in full tank mode – is worse.

Now, two years away from their championship, The Lakers have more questions than answers. Although missing the playoffs from claiming the title, their lineage is shocking, This end result may actually be for the bestWrites our NBA expert Sam Quinn.

  • Queen: “The Lakers needed to be embarrassed. They needed to end this season in such an outrageous fashion that franchise power brokers can no longer ignore just how bad they let things get. Any notions that they may carry the same antisocial attitude that their trade deadlines told offseason need to be removed here and now. There is no speed here. There is no positive side to building. There is a fundamentally broken team that needs quick and decisive action from the so-called organizational leaders to decide. “

Not to mention so respectable

Ranking of the entire Masters field is 7

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One of my favorite exercises every spring comes to us again: Ranking of each player on the Masters field. Respected our golf expert Kyle Porter, and His top player is looking for his first green jacket:

  • Porter: 1. Justin Thomas: He has every shot. From the beginning of February 8, only John Raham And Shane Lori There have been better ball-strikers, and the jetty has done surprisingly well. Although he has been disappointing overall in his major championship career, he has maintained a perfect balance in experience, possessing one of the greatest T-to-green games on the planet and still not disappointed (like Arnie Els) after failing so many times. For intelligence: The average Masters champion wins after 6.4 attempts. This is the seventh appearance of the jetty. “

Meanwhile, the current number one in the world Scotty Scheffler – Most players who have won three PGA Tours this season – Sixth place:

  • Porter: “His rise from No. 14 to No. 1 occurred six weeks apart, which means his golf is on fire but he may not have the strength to stay there long. Whatever it is, he has done well in the big championships. Each of his last six starts is in the top 20 and four of them are in the top eight. The match felt a bit like the end of his run, but there’s probably another peak in the ride. “

Where all of the 91 players (yes, incl Tiger Woods) File in, you can check out The full ranking is here And Here are the expert predictions and picks for the tournament.

Bold predictions for the upcoming MLB season ⚾

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Believe it or not, Tomorrow is the opening day. Baseball’s offseason wasn’t exactly a smooth ride, but we’re getting a full 162-game slate, and I’m excited about it… although my favorite National Probably not very good.

Meanwhile, It’s time to get bold with some predictionsAnd a new face of MLB expert Mike Axis has emerged as a star

  • Axis: “When healthy, Byron BuxtonMaking a difference on both sides of the ball, and for my first bold prediction, I say Buxton will be healthy this season. And because he’s healthy, He will win the AL MVP. He’s that good and that talented, and at age 28, Buxton smacks his prime right. A full, healthy season at Buxton could include 40 homers, 30 steels and the best center field defense in the sport. He’s got a 10-fight season waiting to happen. “

Mike also made his Championship forecastAnd his Probably not a team you expect.

Champions League recap: Man City, Liverpool win first leg; The other quarter finals will start today

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Manchester City beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 And Liverpool beat Benfica 3-1 On the first day of the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. Kevin de Bruyne He scored the only goal for the Premier League leaders during the win Ibrahima in the corner, Saadi also means And Louis Diaz All the goals for the Reds.

We will get two more first legs at 3 pm today Paramount +.

Soccer guru James Benz Predicts a tight relationship between blues and Los Blancos:

  • Benz: “Even if the Blues take a more cautious approach in the first leg, there are three ahead Christian Policeman, Mason Mount And Kai Hawartz There it is N’Golo Kante They need to be calmed to bring the ball, especially if Reese Witherspoon It has some of the best guesses. … So don’t be surprised Carlo Ancelotti Simply choose to pack his defense – they know what Chelsea can do to them in the open field. Their hosts have a tendency to make things tough in this competition. Don’t expect goals or even lots of shots.

What we see on Wednesday

3 Chelsea vs Real MadridCBS and Paramount + at 3 p.m.
3 Villarreal vs Bayern Munich3pm at Paramount +
3 Net at Knicks7:30 pm on ESPN
3 Lightning strikes the capital7:30 pm on TNT
3 Sun at Clippers10 pm on ESPN
3 Flame at the duck10pm on TNT

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