Why Liverpool are ‘100% ready’ for WSL returns

Liverpool have won the women’s championship with two games to go

“Maybe it was written in the stars.”

Manager Matt Baird reflected on Liverpool’s promotion to the Women’s Super League – eight years after they took the back-to-back title on their top flight.

They won the women’s championship title on Sunday 4-2 win over Bristol City In front of the league-record 5,752 people who created a carnival atmosphere at Ashton Gate.

It was felt as an important moment in the club’s glorious history as it returned to the England elite after years of turmoil on and off the pitch.

The Covid-19 led Liverpool’s women’s team to exile on a point-per-game basis in 2020 – the same season their men’s team won the Premier League.

Was there Criticism of lack of investmentPoor opportunity-checking and, even when Beard returned to the club last summer, was there Instability of the player.

Failing to secure a promotion at WSL during the first interrogation, Beard and his staff were pressured. When that moment finally came on Sunday, there was an outpouring of emotion from fans, players and staff.

After throwing a bucket of ice at him during the celebration, he stood on the edge of a pitch soaked in water and said, “You can see the atmosphere there.”

“It’s like a day-in, day-out. The players work hard. All the staff work incredibly hard. They deserve it.

“Everyone thought Liverpool would go straight back [to the WSL] But no one has a divine right to be anywhere. You have to get it right and we have it this year. “

‘We had a hard time’

Matt Beard workers are celebrating
Liverpool staff run to full-time manager Matt Beard after victory over Bristol City

Liverpool have two games left to win the league and have lost just once throughout the season to a 14-point lead over second-placed Bristol City.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing.

The team Had to come together To deal with the personal tragedy of assistant Paul McHugh’s parents’ death and the serious injury of goalkeeper Riley Foster Fatal car accident.

However, the introduction of a “family-like culture” of beards, including the change of boardroom staff The arrival of the director of the women’s team Russ Fraser – and the increased investment in resources and amenities, have all contributed to Liverpool’s promotion.

“Liverpool is a huge club. We have had a difficult time in recent years. The fans are stuck with us, “said captain Nim Fahe.

“We’ve restructured and come up with different things to help us be competitive and get back there. We look forward to competing in the top leagues again.

“Celebrating and having some positivity around us is definitely a welcome feeling. It’s a testament to the whole squad. We’ve got our backs all the way. “

Beard said the club is already planning for the future at WSL and has goals for the next five years.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes all the time but until it’s done, it can only be talked about,” he added.

“Now we can really work on next year’s plan. We must first and foremost integrate ourselves into the WSL. We have to be competitive.

“It’s not easy going back to the league but we have a great team here. Summer will also change and our goals and ambitions must be conscientious then progress every year. ”

‘We are 100% ready for WSL’

Missy is celebrating Bow Corns
Liverpool-born Miss Bow Cornes scored in the 4-2 win over Bristol City

Liverpool will return to Rovers’ Prenton Park on 24 April to collect the WSL trophy after their match against Sheffield United.

Republic of Ireland striker Leanne Kiernan expects about 40 family members to fly to celebrate.

“[Bristol City] A game that my family doesn’t like! ” He said.

When Fahey picked up the trophy in front of Liverpool’s home fans at the end of the month, Kiernan said it would be an “incredible feeling” to be relieved with their win over Bristol City.

“Now we can relax. We can take a break from international breaks and hopefully come back to a huge home crowd, ”he added.

“It simply came to our notice then. We were really relieved and we were ready. We are 100% ready for WSL. “

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