While hiking Tyler, the creator gave his Grammy victory speech: ‘Let’s see

Tyler, the creator can officially call himself a two-time Grammy Award winner. Although the “WusYaName” rapper was absent from the awards show on Sunday (April 3) – he is currently wrapping up the final dates for his Call Me If You Get Lost Tour – he gave an acceptable speech to win his best rap album Call me if you’re lost In the middle of a hike.


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While hiking Tyler, the creator gave his Grammy victory speech: 'Let's see what's next for F.'

While hiking Tyler, the creator gave his Grammy victory speech: 'Let's see what's next for F.'

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“First, I’m hyped off. Thanks to DJ Drama. You’re so important to rap music ধ thank you to all my friends for being my cheerleader. Thanks to my whole team, to the whole squad – Vic, Neil, “Tyler began his immediate speech on an Instagram live.

The rapper added that he was grateful that he had “just made an album where I could do all the God-day flex” and took a moment to call people who he thought weren’t worthy of the award. “I know you’re upset and angry, and ‘No one listens to that album …’ These sold arena tours are different. And if you put so much energy into something, everyone will be proud of you. Love to everyone. The sun is the king’s wonder.”

Tyler further hints that much more will have to come from his current album cycle. “Call me if you’re lostOf course not, ”he said. “Twelve years later, I got the second one. I didn’t expect that, so let’s see what’s next for f-k. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m figuring it out. Thanks everyone. Great love. “

Tyler, Creator wins his first Grammy Award in 2020 for Best Rap Album Category EgerBut the recording academy has been criticized for failing to recognize black artists in the mainstream pop segment when their music spans multiple genres.

“On the one hand, I am very grateful that what I have created can be recognized in such a world. But also, it’s sad that whenever we, and I mean guys who look like me, do something gener-bending, they always put it in a ‘rap’ or ‘urban’ section, “he said at the time. I don’t like the word ‘urban’. To me, it’s the politically correct way to say the word ‘N’. Why can’t we just be pop?

“Half of me thinks the RAP nomination was a backhanded compliment,” he continued. “Like, ‘Oh, my little cousin wants to play the game, let’s give him an unplugged controller so he can keep quiet and feel good about it.’ It’s like a little bit. Another half of me is very grateful that my art can be recognized at such a level when I’m not a radio staff. I don’t play target games. I’m in a completely different world from what many people here hear I like ‘eh’. “

See Tyler’s 2022 Grammy Recognition Lecture below.

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