What Tony Schiavone told him after Cody Rhodes returned to WWE, Roman reigns,

While appearing on WWE’s “The Bump”, Cody Rhodes touched on two of WWE’s top stars – Roman Raines and Drew McIntyre.

In addition, Rhodes will reveal what AEW commentator Tony Schiavone told Cody when he saw him return to WWE.

You can check out some highlights from Rhodes’ presence below:

About his last thoughts before going to WrestleMania. What did Tony Schiavone tell him ?: “I was a bit of what I call trans, really. My friend Tony Schiavone actually mentioned it to me, he said that until I reached the middle and realized where I was, I felt like I was in a trance. And that was really the case, because as much as I told you it was time and all these things. It was not part of the plan, it was a beautiful way of life. “

Adapting to stay at the top of the Roman Reigns since Cody left the WWE: “I think it’s a feather in the cap of what Roman Reigns is doing. Because, when I left here, Roman Reigns was at the top, and I think Roman Reigns was experiencing some negative by-products of being at the top, some pushbacks with a new face and a new person. [experiences]. But the thing that makes any organization a champion in any field is continuity. And when he said ‘Dallas, Texas, acknowledge me’, and their elation, elation, whatever it was, they acknowledged him. Want to know a word that is often overused in what we do? It’s over. ‘ ‘Oh, this guy is so finished. He is so finished. ‘ No, fans work year after year and year after year to follow you. You know it’s part of my song ‘I’ll follow you to the end’, that’s how I feel about fans and hopefully it’s a reciprocal thing. Through perseverance and hard work he has truly won. And what he’s doing now with Paul Heyman and Yusos, it’s a very, very much I don’t want to use this word because I don’t want to sound like one, be careful with my language here, it’s a scary presence. “

Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns wants to happen: “I’m just waiting, obviously again, it exists. There is a match that is probably ‘The’ match that exists there. But before the match, you have to cross paths in some power, and we haven’t done that yet. And I look forward to that [he was] Compatible. The wagon pulled, still pulling the wagon. And I know, to a degree, what it’s like. And again, I’m looking forward to that interaction. It’s good to be on the list. It could be a list in itself. “

How much he admires Drew McIntyre: “I just got all the respect in the world for Drew, because he’s a really great athlete and he’s a great hybrid athlete. There are a lot of big boys in the WWE that I’m getting there, I’m a big boy myself. So I like to be in heavyweight wrestling, so he is a heavyweight wrestler. I think Drew probably has the biggest chip on his shoulder, because his hottest moment has never been in front of anyone. So I think a lot of people want to see what’s next. Well not in front of anyone, because millions of people were watching the house. But, we can’t pretend it was the same. So I am waiting for what he will do next. “

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