What if a GP refuses to register me?

When you arrive in the UK, you should register with your local GP surgery. A GP surgery is a medical center where you can book an appointment with a doctor or nurse to get help with your health.

You can use any GP surgery when you first arrive if you need treatment, but you should register with your own doctor.

People usually book one near them, so you may want to help your host choose the right one for you.

A GP surgery may deny you registration because:

  • They are not taking any new patients
  • You are out of practice and they are not accepting patients from outside their area
  • You have previously been removed from the GP Surgery Register
  • It is far from your home and you need extra care, for example home visit

They cannot refuse to register you because you are not British, and you do not need proof of their address to register.

You do not have to provide identification when registering for GP surgery, although it can help. The documents they will receive include:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Biometric residence permit
  • Travel documents
  • HC2 certificate
  • ARC card
  • Utility bill

If a GP surgery refuses to register you, you should ask your receptionist to write down the reason. If the GP already has many patients, they may refuse to register you, but they must explain this in writing.

If you have trouble registering with GP Surgery, you can call the NHS England Customer Contact Center on 0300 311 22 33 or contact your local Healthwatch.

You can also submit a complaint by calling 0300 311 2233, by email or post: NHS England, PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT.

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