Wakefield Trinity 30-24 Salford Red Devils: Helps Tom Johnstone’s Double Trinity

Tom Johnstone made two tries when Wakefield defeated Salford

Wakefield Trinity claimed a fourth win in a row as Tom Johnstone made two attempts and Betfed finished sixth in the Super League table after a 30-24 win over the Salford Red Devils.

Fresh, winger Johnstone scored two goals in the first half to knock out the Warrington Wolves in the Betfred Challenge Cup before the Trinets took a great lead at 24-4 at half time before the Red Devils almost stole the win with four scores in the second half. .

Wakefield broke the stalemate in the eighth minute when Johnstone made a free down from the wing and turned the ball inside to make it easier for Jacob Miller to score. Max Jovitt converted an attempt to give Trinity an early 6-0 lead, but it lasted two minutes before Salford returned.

Tim Lafay hit a tackle to the left and his lovely offload got to touch Reese Williams, but Mark Snead couldn’t add extra, putting Wakefield ahead 6-4.

Trinity increased their lead through Johnstone’s brilliance. Miller sent a bomb to his wing and Johnstone bounced over the outside back of the Red Devils to claim the ball and try, which Jovit turned it into a 12-4.

Wakefield dominated the proceedings, and went even further when Johnstone got a place after returning the ball, losing a series of tackles, and in the next game the ball had to touch down to the bottom of the race line.

Jovit’s third successful kick meant a comfortable 18-4 lead for the home side, who could seemingly make a slight mistake. Wakefield soon had about a fourth attempt, when Liam Hood flipped over the short range, but the score was shut down due to double speed.

Rice goes to Williams Wakefield to try out Salford's rate

Rice goes to Williams Wakefield to try out Salford’s rate

The 39th Johnstone picked up his double with a thrilling single effort, which was far less important to beat five defenders on the way to the line. Jovit added extra from almost right to make it 24-4 at half time and put Trinity in the driving seat.

Salford needed to score first in the second half, and they got off to a brilliant start when Ryan Lannon and then Sam Luckley both held on to the tri-line.

The Red Devils were getting closer and Dion Cross raised their hopes in the next set when he touched on Ryan Briarley’s pass, Snowd converted it to 24-10. Sitaleki Akaola was able to over after a while, but the ball was snatched while trying to ground.

In the next set the Red Devils finally get their reward when they move the ball to the right and why the CO cuts inside to cross. Out of wide Snead’s kick missed, Trinity is still 24-14 ahead.

Jay Pitts' effort sealed Wakefield's victory

Jay Pitts’ effort sealed Wakefield’s victory

With 18 minutes left, Williams scored the second goal of the afternoon when he attempted a small drop-out, which failed to convert Snead and created more heat in Trinity.

However, Jay Pitts came down late to ease the pressure and then the CO scored a full-time goal as Wakefield held on for the win.

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