US accuses Russian oligarchy and seizes Putin ally’s yacht – Live

The United States has blamed a Russian oligarch for blaming the Kremlin for spreading misinformation around the world, as well as seizing a megabyte of Vladimir Putin’s other allies and the millions of dollars they have in the war in Ukraine..

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland made the announcement at a news conference today, announcing measures to “prosecute Russian criminal activity.”

He added that the United States and its allies had made a “huge effort” to thwart a malware attack that Russia had intended to expose internationally, causing unprecedented disruptions to the Internet and causing billions of dollars in damage worldwide.

“Our message to those who continue to enable Russian rule through their criminal behavior is: no matter how far you go in your yacht. It doesn’t matter how well you hide your assets. How cleverly you write your malware or hide your online activity.” That’s not to say that the judiciary will use every available tool to find you, to disrupt your plots and to hold you accountable, “Garland said.

Russian Oligarch has been charged with conspiracy Konstantin MalofeevWho was previously the subject of US sanctions for spreading Russian misinformation

Garland said he was “one of the main sources of funding for the Russians to promote separatism in Crimea and to provide material assistance to the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.”

“After being approved by the United States, Malofeev secretly tried to evade sanctions by using co-conspirators to acquire and operate media outlets across Europe.”

Garland said the United States had confiscated millions of dollars from an account at a U.S. financial institution, which is alleged to be under investigation for violating Malofeev’s sanctions.

Meanwhile, অ 90 million megawatts of tango belongs to the Russian oligarch Victor WexelbergA close ally of Putin’s was arrested in Mallorca on Monday. Wexelberg was cleared for money laundering in 2018, and again after the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month.

The malware attack was primarily aimed at small businesses, with the aim of disrupting the Internet internationally and spreading an attempt to deny a massive, service attack for at least $ 10 billion in damages.

“Global botnet [was] Controlled by the Russian military intelligence service, commonly known as the GRU, “Garland said. The Russian government has recently used similar infrastructure to attack Ukrainian targets.

“Fortunately, we’ve been able to disrupt this botnet before using it. Thanks to our close work with international partners, we’ve been able to detect infections on thousands of network hardware devices. I will be able to, ”he said.

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