Ukrainian Americans protest Putin defender Tucker Carlson’s remarks

A group of Ukrainian Americans and their supporters gathered last weekend to protest a discussion inside a Tucker Carlson outside a conservative Christian megacharch in San Diego County. Fox News hosts have repeatedly attacked Ukraine and defended Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The demonstration took place on Saturday at the Awakened Church in San Marcos, California, as gruesome images from Ukraine show civilians in Bucha and other cities, some of them shot dead, after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

President Joe Biden and other world leaders have called Putin a “war criminal” and demanded that Biden be brought to justice.

Yet Carlson has often backed Putin in the sky. A former Reagan administration official said last month that he had almost “stroked” Carlson because he “apologized” for Putin on his show almost every night.

The conservative scholar’s comments were so pro-Putin that his videos were repeatedly aired on Russian TV. The Kremlin has asked state-controlled Russian media to highlight Carlson’s broadcast “as much as possible,” according to a leaked Russian official memo obtained by Mother Jones.

Protesters in San Marcos lined up strollers on Saturday to protest the Russian attack that killed 150 children.

“Children are dying in Ukraine; That’s why we have all the strollers and children’s shoes and children’s toys, representing every child killed last month, “Mira Rubin of the San Diego Cultural Museum House in Ukraine told CBS News8. “Innocent civilians are dying in Ukraine.”

Defendant Sergei Korelov stated: “This is not true. We need to have empathy. When someone is insulted on the street, when someone insults on the street, we as human beings have to respond. So this is my message to Tucker Carlson: Respond with empathy, compassion as a human being.

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Carlson could not be reached for comment. The Awakened Church did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Halfpost.

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