Tyrone Matthew Rumors: Where things have come close to the NFL Draft

So far, Tyrann Mathieu has remained a free agent on the open market, but as the NFL Draft approaches, teams can choose a Rocky for experienced safety.

As amazing as the 2022 NFL offseason was, the hits kept coming. A push for the Chiefs fans (apart from losing Tyrick Hill) was to realize that the team would not tag veteran strong security Tyrone Matthews in the franchise, letting him float in free agency.

Initially, Matthew didn’t seem to be in the market for long. There were rumors that Matthew would return home to play for the New Orleans Saints, which would not come as a surprise: proximity to home is a significant factor, especially for experienced players. Davante Adams and Bobby Wagner both took the point home recently, as the two California natives signed with the (former Oakland) Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams, respectively.

Yet nothing has yet been accomplished with the Saints, and Matthew seems to have turned his attention north to Pittsburgh. The Steelers have been spreading rumors for weeks over an vested interest in Matthew, with reports that Mike Tomlin called him and Ike Taylor and Ryan Clark both wanted to draft him. Carl Joseph’s recent signing could mean that Matthew has been removed, but it could also mean that the Steelers are looking for competent insurance in every location before Splurge Matthew.

With only .5 13.5 million available at CapSpace, Matthew Steelers could be the ultimate part of the secondary puzzle কিন্তু but ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that “the concern of some of the teams I speak to is that Matthew missed a step because he played nine years.” Lots of mileage. “

With the NFL draft coming on April 28, the situation could have changed drastically if Matthew had not signed. While it is hard to imagine that the three-time first-team All-Pro, three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion will be out of an NFL roster, the more likely scenario is that the NFL draft will affect Matthew’s financial leverage and where he will end up. . Up

How does the NFL draft affect Tyrann Mathieu?

While there is no guarantee that Matthew will end up with Steelers, it is the company with which he has been most involved lately that influences how the company could draft in 2022.

Fanside rocker Harringy speculates that the Steelers could take a safety with Karbi Joseph in the fourth round, but Joseph initially played in free safety and his “tackle power in the box” is in doubt, so if the Steelers take him, it is unlikely he will move to free safety. Do.

However, security has historically been underestimated in the NFL Draft, proving that the best player to enter the draft, Kyle Hamilton, cannot be expected to be the unanimously picked No. 1 overall pick. No matter which team Hamilton field, Matthew will not be signed, but the undervalued position means that teams that need help with security will not have to spend their maximum pick in this position. Joseph is still in the top 10 safety by speculation, but he is expected to advance to the fourth round.

The Steelers have No. 20 overall pick, No. 52 pick and No. 84 pick, which gives the team plenty of opportunity to draft a safety if needed. Or, perhaps the Steelers are waiting to see how the draft shakes up for Matthew to sign.

The NFL draft means that certain teams are guaranteed to meet their security needs instead of signing Matthew, which limits the pool of teams he can join. But since the Steelers seem to be the only team still in the running, the players they choose could have the most impact on how Matthew and his future contracts are affected.

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