Two top executive true social resignations: What could be “all bet off”

According to Reuters, two critical executives of the Hapless Truth social media platform, who trumped Trump as a new alternative to Twitter, have resigned. The company that hopes to finally rely on market capitalism after taking a public appearance and acting in such a way that it is more focused on intimidating investors efficiently.

Josh Adams and Billy Boozer – the company’s head of technology and product development – joined the initiative last year and quickly became central players in building a social-media empire backed by Trump’s powerful brand, which many ridicule as “conservative.” Cancel Culture ā€¯Censorship from left.

Less than a year later, at a crucial juncture for the company’s smartphone-app release plan, both resigned from their senior positions, according to two sources familiar with the initiative.

That’s great. That’s rough. When you create a company that “launches” an app that only works on Apple products, and – inexplicably, a month later, you’re ready for another 40% of the market, The loss of two people who are likely to be in charge of this crucial endeavor is certainly terrifying. After all, one can assume that most companies that are not run by the Trump-Nunes team will keep a launch off until their app is ready for all smartphones. Then again, Nunes’ approach might be to “milk your cow” and then drink more.

Of course, it’s not easy when you form a company almost entirely to match Donald Trump’s interest in communicating with his MAGA followers, and Trump used it just … once. It’s almost as if they’re trying to put out the fire with Greece. There is a positive:

“If Josh leaves … all bets are off,” one of those sources said of tech chief Adams, calling him the “brain” behind Truth Social’s technology.

Another source familiar with the initiative said Buzzer had a key leadership role as product chief, managing across the technology infrastructure, design and development team.

If a person wants to be a critic – and who doesn’t? – One could say that this particular company could benefit greatly by losing the “brain” behind the operation and managing the people. Addition by subtraction, so to speak. And it’s hard to imagine how a big surprise this could have been when two of the most experienced and original people actually worked on a level just below Wes Moss and Andy Litinsky, both former apprentices of The Apprentice. No talking.

With the exception of a few investments that now seem like blind luck, the company is performing almost exactly what one would expect from a person who gave you the Trump shuttles, Trump steaks, and almost every other business he tried to build from scratch. This is to be expected from a person who was determined to find a way to tweet again and thought that his name must be enough. Look at the assembly!

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