Trump has condemned the Biden administration over its transgender policy

At a rally in Michigan on Saturday, former President Donald Trump condemned the Biden administration’s approval of surgery and medical therapy for transgender minors.

“This week, the Biden administration released guidelines for hormone therapy, adolescent blockers, and gender reassignment surgery for children and adolescents,” Trump told the crowd at Grand Rapids.

“Can you imagine a child and then they grow up and they say ‘why did you do that to me mom or dad or the government?'”

On Thursday – International Transgender Day of Visibility – the Department of Population Health and Human Services released a document entitled “Gender Performing Care and Young People”.

On the same day, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, another subdivision of the DHHS, published a more detailed twin document entitled “Gender-Enforcing Care is Trauma-Informing Care.”

“Who the hell would even believe that we should talk about this thing?” Trump asked the crowd.
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Both documents provide guidance for adolescents struggling with their gender identity, including “‘top’ surgery – male-normal breast augmentation or breast augmentation;” And “bottom” surgery – genital or reproductive organ surgery, facial feminization or other procedures. “

“Medical and Psychosocial Gender Confirmation Healthcare practices have been shown to lower the rate of adverse mental health outcomes, build self-esteem and improve the overall quality of life of transgender and gender-diverse youth,” the OPA document said.

Other practices promoted include puberty blockers, which can stop the development of puberty, and hormone therapy using estrogen or testosterone.

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“Can you imagine a child and then they grow up and they say ‘why did you do that to me mom or dad or the government?’ Trump made the remarks at a rally on Friday.
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NCTSN documents claim that such practices are not child abuse, perhaps in response to the Texas law passed in February that makes such changes illegal.

“Who the hell would even believe that we should talk about this thing?” The 45th President asked the crowd.

Biden released a video on Thursday pledging his support for the transgender community, saying: “Confirming your child’s identity is one of the strongest things you can do to keep them safe and healthy. Any transgender Americans who are struggling, please know. You are not alone. “

Biden further hinted that he would fight against state laws that restrict transgender collegiate athletes from competing. The issue has received a lot of attention since the rise of transgender swimmer Leah Thomas at the University of Pennsylvania, who has been influential in women’s swimming competitions.

“With their extremist gender and gender ideology, the Democratic Party is waging a war against reality, a war on science, a war on children, a war on women,” Trump said.

A Gallup poll published in February found that about 0.7 percent of Americans identify themselves as transgender.

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