Tips to prevent skin problems in summer season

Dr. Binod Kumar Sharma

Your skin needs extra attention and care in summer. With a few simple steps like cleansing and moisturizing, staying hydrated and using sunscreen, you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun and heat. It will be good for your skin if you can avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 3 am. Wear protective clothing and choose fabrics that will not itch, scratch or overheat (especially cotton). Wear a hat to protect your facial skin and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Avoid spraying makeup and perfume on your skin as they can permanently stain your skin if they react to the sun. Make sure you evaluate your skincare products and makeups carefully before using them. Drink plenty of water as dehydration causes dry skin, frown, blemishes and lack of radiance. Also, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. A diet rich in antioxidants will help ensure healthy and radiant skin.

How to protect your skin from heat?

1. Choose a sunscreen according to your skin type. If sunscreen starts sensitivity or rash or breakout. It is also important to check the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). It indicates how long you can stay in the sun. Harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun can cause extreme damage to your skin and cause problems like hyper pigmentation, sunburn, cancer etc. So, inside or outside the house, be sure to apply sunscreen.

2. People with oily skin should avoid using more than 20 SPF. It overloads your skin with oily chemicals. Use water-based moisturizers for oily and acne-prone skin, salicylic acid-based face cleansers are also good for you.

Food for the best skin care

1. One of the most effective ways to lower our body temperature in hot weather is to keep ourselves hydrated – drink plenty of water and eat high-moisture fruits and vegetables, avoid squash, cold drinks and packaged fruit juices. These are loaded with sugars, preservatives and additives, which will only lead to further dehydration and further reduction of energy levels.

2. Never neglect healthy nutritious food. It is very important to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. Stay away from inflammatory foods like excessive oils, dairy foods and choose plenty of fruits and vegetables.

3. Some of the best foods that keep you hydrated and away from summer heat are lemon, cucumber, raw mango, sattu, butter milk, watermelon, papaya, tomato etc.

Consult your dermatologist

1. Although skin problems this summer may reduce your fun, they are not usually serious. Most go away in a few days to a few weeks. If the rash or other skin problems are chronic or worse, you should consult a dermatologist.

2. Be well-prepared by taking the precautionary measures discussed, or be prepared with the remedies in hand before your skin is exposed to the ill effects of summer.

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