Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards drops career-high 49-point win over

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards poured a career-high 49 points in Thursday night’s win over the San Antonio Spurs, capping an incredibly efficient night for the 2020 No. 1 overall pick. Edwards took advantage of the disagreement and got what he wanted during the game. Career Night was his third 40-point plus game of the season, Tie him up With LeBron James and Nicola Jokic.

When he was met on the water by teammate Carl-Anthony Towns after the game, Edwards credited his teammates for putting him in a position to score.

“My teammates did a great job finding me, and I thank them for that.” Dr. Edwards.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Edwards had already scored a total of 15 points, while 6 of 9 were going off the field. The Athletic Guard went cold in the second quarter, but in the third quarter he kept his feet on the gas and kept raising points. The game was so easy for Edwards that it was highlighted in the third quarter by this fierce sting on guard Trey Jones.

Minnesota coach Chris Finch joked after the game that knee problems must have bothered Edward throughout the season. It seems to have been behind himAnd after that dunk on Jones, it definitely looked like he got his bounce back.

Finch added that the coaching staff talked to Edwards on Wednesday about being more aggressive, and apparently, he took that advice to heart.

“We spoke to him yesterday. The coaching staff talked to him about trying to be a little more influential when you can be effective, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Finch said. “When those moments come, try to dominate a little more.”

An impressive undertaking for Edwards’ performance on Thursday evening. He’s not just raising points, he’s doing it efficiently, going 16 with 28 (57.1 percent) off the field and 6 out of 14 (42.9 percent) from deep. Edwards also involved teammates, finishing with eight assists and six rebounds.

The win was the Timberwolves’ 46th win of the season, more than double their win last year. Minnesota went from a lottery team to a playoff contest in an off-season, and part of that has to do with the development of Edwards. At one point in the season, the Wolves rose to sixth in the West, but with the Denver Nuggets win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota officially locked in on the playoffs.

Although they still have to win at least one game to claim the playoff spot, the Timberwolves’ season should already be considered a success after winning just 23 games last year. If Minnesota claimed a playoff spot, they would be a tough team to beat any of the top teams in the West, something that Edwards promoted after the game.

“I think we got what we needed,” said Edwards. “I think we’re going to have a really good run in the playoffs, and they have to be ready for us.”

Although Edwards is not going to lose 49 points per night, if Timberwolves wants to make any kind of run in the playoffs, his production will be a major key.

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