The Tory hit, previously suspended by Coke and sex claims, had previously condemned drug traffickers

David Warburton fired as Conservative MP

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David Warburton condemned the exploitation of children by drug gangs in 2018

A Tory MP who was fired for sexually assaulting and using drugs in class once expressed his displeasure at youths being exploited by county line gangs.

David Warburton, a married father of two, faces charges of stripping a woman naked in bed and squeezing her breasts – after taking cocaine.

An image has surfaced showing Somerset and Frome’s MP sitting next to an overturned baking tray with four lines of powder – the Sunday Times alleged cocaine.

Party officials withdrew the whip from Mr Warburton while he was under investigation by a parliamentary watchdog.

He had earlier called for international action in the Commons on “dealing with the drug trade”.

Dismissed Tory MP David Warburton



In 2018, Mr Warburton questioned then Home Secretary Sajid Javid: “The Commissioner for Children estimates that at least 46,000 children in England have been targeted by drug gangs and forced into the so-called county-line system through intimidation, violence and criminal incentives. Drug sales across the country.

“What is being done by the Honorable Friends section to address this horrific exploitation of children and youth?”

Mr Warburton allegedly broke the “line after line” of drugs at the home of a young woman he met through politics. He says he was drunk and he wanted to leave after the morning episode.

The Sunday Times reported that when he calmed down, he claimed he had come out of his bedroom to see Mr Warburton naked.

A spokesman for the Conservative Whips Office said: “David Warburton MP has removed the Conservative Party whip while the investigation is ongoing.”

This means Mr Warburton will sit as an independent MP in the House of Commons.

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