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In scripted content, or “The Godfather”, people should never take sides against the family. As evidenced by some of the top launches in 2021 and 2022, an RTE One No. 1 launch in Ireland, South Africa’s “House of Zwide” (E.TV) from “Kin” and Fox’s “The Cleaning Lady,” family ties continue to dominate. Whatever the spread.

“The main reason families are so strong on many shows is that if you really want to come out in a linear way, you have to create co-opting possibilities,” said Avril Blondlett, head of Content Insights at Glance, who co-presented the conference session in Cannes on Monday. One TV Year in the World: Cracking Audience Trends.

An analysis of global TV trends that marked a highlight on the first day of the MipTV trade fair, the session was presented with Beatrice Rosmonith, Vice President and Director of Tape Consultancy Client Services, Beatrice Rosmanith.

Blundlett notes that fathers are struggling with their responsibilities to mark another significant trend. This trend has been underscored by “Le Bonheur”, the best launch of 2022 in French-speaking Canada so far – produced by Quebecor Content and Aetios Productions – and ITV’s upcoming “The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe” by All3Media International. Distributed 6

The latter, based on the true story of ‘Canoe Conman’ John Darwin, sees Eddie Marsan as a man who suddenly disappears, fakes his own death for insurance money and lies to everyone except his wife, played by Monica Dolan.

“We talk a lot about strong women, but there is another side to the story: men who are not as strong as before. The problem these fathers face in struggling with the role of traditional family leader is really interesting,” said Blundlett.

But it still relies on female cops when things get tough, such as France’s top launch “HPI” – the best new local scripted series on TF1 since 2010 – Italy’s “Lolita Lobosco” and ZDF’s “Koleginen”, which has become Germany as well. Launch No. 1.

The Cleaning Lady: Elody Young as Tony de la Cruz. 21 2021 Fox Media LLC. No. Cr: Ursula Coyote / FOX
Courtesy of Fox

Period dramas focusing on the 19th and early 20th centuries are also popular, with the smash hit “1883”, Paramount Network’s prequel “Yellowstone” becoming the top new series to be launched on cable since 2016.

“It’s great news, because we’re always talking about streamers. We forget that only TV can still generate very popular headlines in a linear way, “Blundlett noted.

National security issues continue to be a safe bet in the UK – BBC One’s “Vigil” and “Trigger Point” have caught the attention of viewers – as well as worldwide, CCTV 8’s “enemy” tops China and “The Shadow Team” (TRT1). Making a mark in Turkey.

If the keyword in the scripted content is familial, then Unscripted Entertainment turns to studio-based shows, surprises, and games, and later resonates with young adults as well.

Viewers appreciate the wide range of sets, such as one of Fox’s “Next Level Chefs”, the No. 1 launch in the United States, distributed by Propagate International and hosted by Gordon Ramsay.

The show shows people competing in one of three kitchens, equipped with different tools and stacked on top of each other, echoing the Netflix thriller “The Platform”, where its protagonists were fed through a platform. Filled with food on the upper floor, the platform will then descend to the lower level of the tower.

“I really love seeing all these effects within the genre,” Blondelt says.

While “The Masked Singer” continues to reign supreme, reaching new markets and launching at the top in Canada (TVA) and Sweden (TV4), the other two formats differ: “Game of Talent” and “I Can See Your Voice,” Top 5 Ranked 5 and 4 times in the format launch 8

“I have been talking about ‘The Masked Singer’ for over three years now and it is still being launched so successfully in new areas. It will not stop, “said Blundlett.

Finally, TV has a cultural tradition of “exploiting its own hits”, he noted, as evidenced by Romania’s “Râzi cu Roast” and the two-episode TV2 special from Denmark, “Livet er fedt – 20 år efter” Together again to fight – 20 years later.

“It’s not just a ‘friends’ reunion, but it has worked for the local market TV channels can bet on their lasting relationship with their viewers and that is a real asset. “

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