The SIU has stopped the investigation against the officers mounted in the ‘Freedom Convoy’ as they are not women

Ontario’s police Watchdog mounted police officers stopped an investigation of the behavior of the behavior of the behavior of the protesters during the expansion of the protesters to remove protesters from the center of the protesters from the center of Ottawa City in February.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) was called in to investigate the behavior of members of the Toronto Police Service, who reportedly found a woman seriously injured.

On 18 February, the officers went through the crowd just outside the Chateau Laurier Hotel in the back of the horse, when the police started a long-term campaign to clear protesters from the center of the city. A 49-year-old woman was stabbed while officers were passing by. He was able to get up and was taken to hospital with a shoulder injury.

In a statement Monday, the SIU said the woman’s injuries did not fall within their orders.

“A review of the available medical records indicates that the woman did not maintain a fracture and that her injury was confined to a compressed shoulder. No, and the file is closed, “said SIU

The Watchdog said the decision was made after an interview with the woman and a review of police drones and camera footage worn on the body, as well as the woman’s medical records.

The woman was the subject of an online rumor that she was killed in an interaction. Both the Ottawa Police Service and the Ottawa Paramedic have confirmed that no one was killed, and the woman’s family members have also confirmed that she was alive.

An previously announced investigation into Vancouver police officers who fired non-lethal rounds at protesters in Ottawa on February 19 continues. SIU spokeswoman Monica Hooden told CTV News Ottawa in an email that the two men had been identified as being hit by a projectile but were not seriously injured. At this time two subject officers and three witness officers have been nominated.

The SIU is an independent government body that investigates the conduct of police officers, which may result in death, serious injury, sexual assault and / or firearms on a person.

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