The recent visit of the President of Israel to Turkey has thrown me into conflict

Israeli President’s visit to Turkey

On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, Israeli President Isaac Herzog was welcomed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a lavish ceremony at his presidential residence in Turkey.

The purpose of the visit can be seen as a sign of melting relations between the two countries, the beginning of an era of mutual respect after the good relations of the past were frozen during Erdogan’s rule.

During their official visit to Turkey, Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife laid a wreath at the tomb of former Turkish President Mostafa Kemal Ataturk.

Kemal Atatুrk was a Turkish field marshal, revolutionary statesman, writer and the founding father of the Republic of Turkey. He served as its first president from 1923 to his death in 1938. He carried out sweeping progressive reforms that modernized Turkey into a secular-separatist one. State and religion – industrialized nation.

President's visit to Turkey.  Isaac Herzog and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have met.  YouTube snapshot image.
Isaac Herzog and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have met. YouTube snapshot image.

However, current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not Atatুrk.

Erdogan has overturned many of Atatুrk’s policies. Islam has joined hands with the state and crowned itself with a lot of power, making Turkey much less democratic. Worst of all, he has shown to be largely anti-Israel and anti-Semitic that the two countries have enjoyed very good bilateral relations.

Erdogan is acting like an oppressor like other rulers in the world and he has caused a lot of concern to the international community, especially when Turkey is a member of NATO.

Under Erdogan’s rule, Turkey is home to Hamas leaders who indiscriminately kill Israelis with rockets and other means and seek to destroy Israel.

Israelis, the thousands who spent their holidays in Turkey, a huge source of revenue for the country, have ended this trend. The exchange of envoys between the two countries has been suspended or ended.

Considering that Turkey has a rather interesting history with the Jewish people since the end of the 15th century, let’s open the book of truth.

At the moment even the Turkish people who understand Erdogan – Turkish politics do not have a good word to say about this dictatorial politician.

But here comes

We need to remember that during Erdogan’s rule, thousands of Turks were killed or imprisoned for trying to overthrow him.

The city of Istanbul is located partly in Asia and partly in Europe. And indeed, Israel needs no more enemies, Turkey, especially when it is close to its borders, is militarily strong and a NATO member.

One would be rather conflicted if one only looked at the pages through the unique history books of the Jewish people.

Jews love Paris; They forgot Rafle du Vel ‘d’Hiv: “Well ‘D’HIV Police Roundup / Raid.” During World War II, Paris police, without any help from the Nazis, surrounded more than 25,000 Jews, men, women and children, placed them in a football stadium and then sent them to Nazi concentration camps for their deaths.

In 2016, the headline of the Jerusalem Post was: “Away from home in Romania; Romania has removed all stops to welcome Israelis.”

The Romanian Iron Guard did the same. We need to remember the Romanian ‘indigenous’ Holocaust and the Bogdanovka genocide.

As part of the Holocaust, the Bogdanovka concentration camp for Jews, located near the village of Bogdanovka, was established by Romanian authorities during the Second World War in Transnistria Governorate.

Three concentration camps, called “Colonies” In Romanian language, in the Golta district of Transnistria, on the banks of the South Bagh River, near the villages of Bogdanovka, Domanovka and Akmesetka, where by the end of 1941 Bogdanovka had captured 54,000 people.


In December 1941, there were several cases of typhus in the Bogdanovka concentration camp, a disease spread by lice and flies. The decision to kill all the prisoners was taken by the German adviser to the Romanian administration of the district and the Romanian district commissioner. A.Action (Action) began on December 21, 1941, and was conducted by Romanian troops, Gendarmes, Ukrainian police, Golta civilians, and local ethnic Germans under Kazakhchivich, commander of the Ukrainian regular police.

Thousands of disabled and sick prisoners were forcibly poured kerosene on two locked stables and set on fire, leaving everyone inside alive. Other detainees were taken in groups to a nearby jungle valley and shot in the neck. The rest of the Jews dug holes with their bare hands in the bitter cold and packed them with frozen corpses. Thousands of Jews died of frostbite. A break was given for Christmas, but on December 28 the killings resumed. By December 31, more than 40,000 Jews had been killed.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Urban established extremely friendly relations between their countries. Prime Minister Urban has told Israelis that his country’s Jews may feel safe.

Before March 1944, the Nazis began to exterminate the Hungarian Jews. The Hungarians turned their backs on the Jews, and in the last days of the war more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews were either shot or sent to Nazi concentration camps to die.

A sixty-pair shoe memorial site was opened in Budapest, Hungary in 2005, where fascist Arrow Cross militiamen shot Jews and dumped their bodies in the river in 1944 and 1945. The shoes, which now serve as a reminder, were left behind by Hungarian Jews Were tied to each other; Executioner “Only” Some of them were executed, enough to drag and fall with the rest and drown in the ice-cold river. Another testament to how far the human race can go is when its anti-Semitic disease overwhelms all rational thought.

Danube Promenade shoes.  Nikodem Nijaki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Danube Promenade shoes. Nikodem Nijaki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Towards the end of 1944, [A year later Nazi Germany was defeated] Although Nazi-Germany was already facing impending defeat, the Nazis spent a lot of money killing or deporting 425,000 Hungarian Jews. “Clean” Hungarian.

Film director / producer Steven Spielberg has produced an Oscar-winning documentary that sheds light on the plight of five Hungarian Jews who escaped from Auschwitz prison.

Although these survivors describe the horrors they witnessed and endured because of the Nazis. “Final Solution” The plan, the hope of their individual victory and a testament to humanity.

Where do we start or end?

Today, thousands of Israelis call Berlin, Germany, their home.

On January 20, 1942, in the House of Wansi, Berlin, Germany, the Wansi Conference and the final solution were planned.

Sadly St. Louis Missouri lives in Germany, more Israeli-Jewish than the United States, as my good friend claims.

It turns out that for Israeli-Jews living in Berlin, the final solution does not matter.

We like peace

Israel is the most harassed and attacked state in the world. The scapegoat of people, institutions and countries.

Some peaceful arrangements with Erdogan-Turkey would be better than the rest of the rivals.

The Ottoman Empire, with its headquarters in Constantinople, now the capital of Turkey, modern Istanbul, controls the land around the Mediterranean basin and has been the center of interaction between the Middle East and Europe for six centuries.

If Turkey had not sided with Germany during World War II, it would have been in Jerusalem for 400 years. The British then occupied the land from 1922 to 1948, during the mandate for Palestinian rule, and were not at all sympathetic to the local Jews until Israel fought and won its independence.

So yes, I’m in conflict. I’m looking for equilibrium equations.

There must be a way and there is a way. However, there is no need for such a decorating ceremony. Israeli President Isaac Herzog could have somehow made a well-planned official visit. He could speak to politicians and influential Turkish people, and to convey a positive message of good intentions to the whole world through the media. There was no need for such a shameful and ostentatious visit when Turkey’s leading figure – Recep Tayyip Erdogan – proved to be anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Hamas in its core.

Sadly, one of the undesirable characteristics of Israel is that it always seeks ‘love’ but in many cases they do not know how to get it without insulting themselves.

The wreath laid at the tomb of President Herzog Atatর্rk should have been made of blue and white flowers, the color of the flag of the state of Israel.

Where were the thinking heads in Israel who planned this trip?

I understand that diplomacy is a political game of chess and it involves a lot of hypocrisy like the visit of Israeli President Herzog and his Turkish entourage. Everyone involved in politics kisses everyone else when it suits them but not always with a well-planned move, such as the need to play a game of chess.

I would like to see the retaliation of Turkish President Erdogan. I want to see him come to Israel and lay a wreath on the 18th – the same number as the Hebrew word LIFE – the graves of those killed by Hamas rockets.

Other than that, I think this tour is a bad performance and rather embarrassing for Israel.

Jews are not hated because they are blamed for everything; They are blamed for everything because they do not love!

There is a lesson for every Israeli and Jew to learn from Ziev Zabotinsky, written on Shir Betar (Radio Song): “Silence is disgusting!”

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