The price of milk is going up for the farmers as a perfect storm of cost

The rise in fuel prices and the crisis over the cost of living over the past week have created huge problems for the agro-industry. Industry officials fear that rising food, fertilizer and fuel costs will push up the price of dairy products. According to Kite Consulting, the UK’s chief adviser for dairy farmers, milk prices could rise by up to 50 per cent and butter by 30 per cent.

The price of four pints of milk is expected to rise from about £ 1.15 to about £ 1.60- 70 1.70, while the price of butter is predicted to rise from £ 1.55 to £ 2.

Products for which milk is an ingredient will also have an effect.

Experts predict that the price of cheese could rise by 20 percent, from £ 8 to £ 10 per kilogram.

Yogurt may also be affected, but it is difficult to predict due to the different ingredients involved.

Farmers were urged to hold crisis talks in Brussels last week to address rising costs and disruptions in the supply chain.

The war in Ukraine has exacerbated the problem, along with rising fuel price caps and the cost of living.

Farmers are being forced to raise the prices of their produce due to rising costs of operating their machinery.

Michael Oakes, chairman of the Dairy Board of the National Farmers Union, told the Daily Telegraph: “I was paying about £ 7,000 for an article. [articulated lorry] Loads of fertilizer, and this year it’s 28,000.

“It would have been a little lower before Ukraine, but it has made another big jump because we have already seen higher gas prices, which has had an impact on fertilizer costs.”

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To help families, Mr. Sunak’s plan includes paying people জাতীয় 12,750 in national insurance in July for income levels, including a 12-month long cut of 5p per liter for fuel tariffs and a 1 percent reduction over a two-year period. The basic rate of income tax.

On Sunday, April 3, Transport Secretary Grant Shaps defended Mr. Sunak, saying he would always see what else he could do to support the people.

Mr Shaps said Mr Sunak had already paid billions of pounds to try to relieve the pressure.

However, Labor leader Kier Sturmer condemned the government for its efforts to reduce the burden, calling it “sad”.

Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds further criticized the government, saying he was “outraged” by the scale of the crisis and called on ministers to do more to address the issue.

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