The Mitsubishi Colt is returning as a reborn Renault

The Mitsubishi Colt nameplate has long been lying in the desert, last built in 2013 before being discontinued by a Japanese automaker. The Colt is back in 2023, but it was built on a Renault platform, as reported Automotive News Europe.

Details at this stage are scarce, but a teaser image released by the company shows that the car is based on the Renault Cleo, many panels resembling or identical to a French car. Built at Renault’s plant in Turkey and Slovenia, it is expected that the Colt will converge on the same line which is very similar to Cleo. While the initial changes appear to be around the front grille, the changes may be limited to a rebounding effort and some work around the headlights.

The car has a “hybrid EV” badge, indicating a powertrain option for the new car. Mitsubishi has indicated that the cards have a hybrid version, but did not provide further details. The Renault Cleo is available with a petrol engine as well as the company’s hybrid “e-tech” system. The hybrid version has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine paired with a pair of electric motors for a total power of 145 hp, which boasts a fuel economy of over 60mpg. This will probably lead to clearer drivetrain choices for Mitsubishi products

It is hoped that Colt will help Mitsubishi re-establish its presence in Europe. In a statement issued on Tuesday, Mitsubishi pointed out that “the new model will significantly increase the market coverage of Mitsubishi Motors in the main European segment.” This is a drastic change in the company’s efforts, with Mitsubishi announcing that it will return to the European market in 2020.

Since Renault Cleo has not been sold in the United States, it will be impossible for Colt to come to the state, as it would cost federalism to make such a move a reality. Drive Reached out to Mitsubishi, indicating that there are currently no plans to bring Colt to the US market.

Having an affordable small car on the market would be a key advantage for Mitsubishi In this form, the Colt comes with a very small development cost bonus because it is very closely related to Renault Cleo. Time will tell if Colt can help revive the fate of Mitsubishi, which has been flagged late..

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