‘The Masked Singer’ reveals Hydra’s identity: Here are the stars

Eater caution: If you haven’t seen Season 7, Episode 5 of “The Masked Singer,” “Masking For a Duel – Round 2” aired on Fox on April 6, read on.

It’s no illusion, it’s really Vegas legend Penn and Taylor unmasked the Wednesday night episode of “The Masked Singer”. Penn Gillette and her quiet companion Taylor were disguised under three-headed Hydra clothing.

And yes, it was Taylor who sang most of the songs – in two different voices, one like her own and an elite-style voice designed in Rex Harrison’s “My Fair Lady”. (In fact, the pair dubbed the voice “Rex”)

This may be the only time you hear Taylor – famously silent when all the pens and Taylor’s presence – actually speak. According to Gillette – who was naturally the only one to talk to Diversity – It was decided that Taylor would have to sing most of the songs because Gillette’s exuberant voice is very recognizable.

“My voice has been so damaged over the years that I only have one voice,” Gillette said. “I don’t have the ability to change my voice a bit. I sound like myself and I talk a lot, so our strategy was to get Taylor to sing most of the songs, so that the voices that no one knows are the ones you focused on. We also pick songs. We did what we thought our age wouldn’t pin. “

Why did this couple agree to take part in “The Masked Singer”? Quite frankly, “When someone calls, we answer the phone, ‘Yes,'” Gillette said. “We are the longest-serving Las Vegas headliners in history. And we put about a quarter of a billion people in our theater here at the Penn & Taylor Theater. And people do that when we see us on TV. So we like to do all sorts of things on television and we don’t like that very much. “

But “The Masked Singer” stands out, he adds, because “it’s so funny and so good-natured and so sweet that it was not an instant hesitation to go to the show. I like the show’s generosity. Looks like it’s raining, and this show is fun. “

How was that inside the dress? “It was hell,” he said. “But Taylor and I spent our time hiding from each other in small places. We’re stuck behind mirrored cabinets and small sad spots throughout our careers! The tapping of the feet was painful to me. This is the most elaborate suite they can make. We were just inches from falling at any second. “

Hydra was voted after ZZ Top served “Sharp Dressed Man”; The previous week, Penn and Taylor sang “Hey Soul Sister” on the train. This week’s “Mega Clue” almost introduced them: it was the deck of cards, a telling sign for the Vegas Wizards. “What a curious, deck of cards that are all jokers!” Hydra said.

If Hydra had continued “The Masked Singer,” Penn & Taylor would have served the Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon” later, Gillette added.

Rufus Thomas (Armadillo) and “Two Princesses” were confronted by Hydra and Armadillo Spin Doctors (Hydra) while serving “Wakin ‘the Dog” to determine who would be unmasked.

For Hydra, guest panelist Nicole Bayer got it right: Penn & Taylor. Why Jiang guessed “Lego Batman” Will Arnett and “Lego Joker” Jack Galliafianakis. Robin Thick thought it was “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg went to “Sesame Street’s” with Bert and Arnie. Nicole Scherzinger went with Will Ferrell and John C. Riley.

(Other panel estimates previously included Statler and Waldorf; “The Big Lebowski” by Jeff Bridges / John Goodman / Steve Bussemi; “Three Amigos” by Chevy Chase / Steve Martin / Martin Short; The Lonely Island Boys; )

Penn and Taylor have joined the list of masked celebrities in the role of Hydra, including Christy Brinkley as Lemur, George Garcia as Cyclops, Jordan Mylatta as Thingamabab, Duff Goldman as Macterrier and Joe Buck as Ram.

So far, Firefly (“Team Good”) is set for the finals.

“The Masked Singer” has entered Season 7 with 15 contestants, divided into “The Good, the Bad and The Codley”. This season’s outfits include: Ringmaster, Armadillo, Mackerel, Firefly, Frog Prince; Bad: Hydra, Ram, Jack in the Box, Cyclops, Queen Cobra; The Cudley: Baby Mammoth, Thingamabab, Lemur, Space Bunny, Miss Teddy.

Season 7 contestants combined to star in 112 films, 15 Grammy nominations, eight Emmy nominations, seven Super Bowl performances, two Hollywood Walk of Fame stars and two world records.

In another change, the show’s panelists don’t seem to be competing for a “Golden Year” trophy this season based on the first impressions of each masked actor (which McCarthy has won twice, but Sherzinger won last season).

Here are the contestants and their performance in five nights:

Ringmaster, “The Masked Singer”
The fox

Ringmaster (“Team Good”)

Song: “Super Bus,” by Nicki Minaj
Voiceover: “It was great to hear the crowd go wild for my first performance. Tim Good is ready to go all the way and fool the panel every week. “
Mega Clue: Guitar and guitar picks with “90s” written on them. “You should know I’m a kid in the 90’s, but I’m writing songs for as long as I can remember.”
Panel estimates: Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Alanis Morriset, Zara Larson
Previous song: Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”
Previous panel estimates: Olivia Rodrigo, Casey Musgraves, Kelly Clarkson

Lazy load image

Armadillo, “The Masked Singer”
The fox

Armadillo (“Team Good”)

Song: “I Fight the Law” by Bobby Fuller Four
Voiceover: “I will save my life well! That’s what I do for a living, I kick the butt. I can’t wait for the next song because no matter what gets in my way, I was born ready!
Mega Clue: Keys and a motorcycle, while playing “Pack Leader”. “So Nick, you’re the one who took my keys to the wild boar! It’s a shame these guys had to take my bike. Looks like it’s dead. “
Panel estimates: Gary Busy, J. Leno, William H. Macy
Previous song: “Secret Agent Man,” by Johnny Rivers
Previous panel estimates: Chuck Norris, Eric Estrada, Vin Diesel

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Miss Teddy, “The Masked Singer”
The fox

Miss Teddy (“Tim Cadley”)

Song: “Tell me you love me” by Demi Lovato.
Voiceover: “I’m going to cut things down a bit, to get some feeling there আমার my whole purpose of being here is to make people laugh. I really want America to embrace because we have done so much together. Some people will know my voice, some people will not. But as an artist, no one would expect me to sing these songs. ”
Mega Clue: Grammy. “Winning a Grammy was one of the best moments of my career. For me, once I was scared, I was scared. Sometimes you have to go through life without someone by your side. But you have learned how to be together and you can learn how to live. . ”
Panel estimates: Gloria Gainer, Jennifer Hudson, CC Winance
Previous song: Taylor Dane’s “Tell It to My Heart”
Previous panel estimates: Lorraine Hill, Vanessa Williams, Jill Scott, CC Winance, CC Peniston, Loretta Divine

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