‘The Masked Singer’ preview: Jenny McCarthy thinks Hydra could be Bert and Ernie

Attempts are being made to identify Hydra. In this exclusive preview of The Masked Singer, Jenny McCarthy believes the Hydra ‘Sesame Street’ pair could be Bert and Arnie.

Jenny McCarthy When it comes to who is behind the Hydra mask, something can be up front. In this exclusive preview of April 6th Masked singerJenny reveals that she thinks it could be Hydra Bert and Ernie From Sesame Street.

Jenny mentions that the clichটির of “Amigos” and comedy duo, as well as the loud voice, makes her think that Hydra could be Bert and Arnie. Jenny’s guess got applause from the panelists. Why Jiang Appreciates Jenny’s “out of the box” conjecture.

Jenny McCarthy in the April 6 episode. (Fox)

Meanwhile, celebrity guest panelist Dr. Nicole Bayer It is stumped when it comes to Hydra. At first, he thought maybe Hydra Lonely Island. However, there are only two voices inside the Hydra mask. He soon realized that he was “never” going to get it out. Nicole decides to pass a certain estimate for Hydra.

The April 6 episode is round two for this second batch of Good, Bad and Codley contestants. The remaining four singers of the group will return to the stage for their second performance. Only one masked singer from this group will make it to the finals.

The group currently includes Hydra, Miss Teddy, Armadillo and Ringmaster. For their first performance, Hydra sang “Hey Soul Sister” The train. Their initial formula included a shark, triple head gum, an ATM machine and much more.

The first group consisted of Mackerel, Ram, Cyclops, Thingamabab and Firefly. Firefly was the first masked singer to make it to the Season 7 finals. This is followed by another team, which includes Baby Mammoth, Prince, Jack in the Box, Queen Cobra and Space Bunny.

The identity of Hydra is still a mystery. (Fox)

Season 7 contestants have starred in a total of 112 films, 15 Grammy nominations, 8 Emmy nominations, 7 Super Bowl performances, two Hollywood Walk of Fame stars and two world records. Masked singer Season 7 airs Wednesday at 8pm on FOX.

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