The latest DK Metcalfe trade offer from Jet is a painful reminder for Seahawks fans.

The New York Jets sent a casual reminder with their DK Metcalf offer that the Seahawks could have done more if they hadn’t done business for Jamal Adams.

However, DK Metcalfe has made it clear that he has not heard of any trade outside of Seattle, which has not deterred teams around the league from asking about him.

The New York Jets join the fight, offering the Seahawks a No. 10 pick for the Metcalfe. Seahawks declined, proving that they have limitations to the 2022 rebuild, but it’s hard to imagine that the offer was not sent with irony from the Jets.

That No. 10 pick was originally the Seahawks’ pick, but they traded Bradley McDougall for that pick, first-round and third-round picks last year, and Jamal Adams.

At the time, Adams was a versatile strong security guard who had an impressive career with the Jets, which caught Seattle’s attention. Ever since Seattle tried to bolster their defenses while doing business for Adams in 2020, there has been a tough fight against NFL offense during the Seahawks defense season এবং and Adams in particular has struggled in his current role.

The Jets, meanwhile, are enjoying the benefits of running after Alijah Vera-Tucker when the Seahawks had to deal with Russell Wilson’s Denver Broncos just to pick No. 9 – Adams from a pick-up jet on top of what they’d get if they didn’t steal it.

The Jets remind Sihak how much they lost in the Jamal Adams trade with the DK Metcalfe offer.

Although the Adams trade did not turn out as Seahawks envisioned for a variety of reasons, the burden of compensating for the forgotten draft capital is hard for any NFL player to balance. Fanside’s Carson Schroeder depicts that through pick 23, the Seahawks Vikings could take on someone like LT Christian Darris, Ravens de Odafe Oveh, or Eagles C Landon Dickerson. The offensive line has been a concern for Seattle since Adams was there, and while Adams contributed to safety, the Seahawks also lacked the strong corners they had in their Legion of Boom days.

In the Free Safety Quandre, Diggs exemplifies how well a trade can go to bring about a change in defense, but part of the problem with Adams is that he was not used properly. There have been several incidents of Adams being beaten in the play because his coverage is not so strong: what he has achieved is hybrid security / linebacker. In addition, Adams suffered injuries at various points in his first two seasons, which limited how much he was able to contribute.

It’s not that Adams is a bad player, as his admiration and reel clearly implies that he uses top NFL talent. But he was not used properly in Seattle’s defense, and to get him Seattle still has to spend two first-round picks and then some.

So much for Adams, in fact, the Jets were able to offer Seattle their own pick to steal DK Metcalfe. This may be the perfect revenge robbery for the Jets, but for the Seahawks, even the offer is a reminder of how much Adams would have to pay without that draft capital.

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