The Holy Cross is changing the name of its science complex to Fauci.

College of the Holy Cross One of its most famous graduates, Dr. Anthony S. In honor of Fawcett, Worcester, Mass., Is naming science buildings on its campus

The college announced Monday that its science complex will be officially known as the Anthony S. Fawcett Integrated Science Complex from June 11, a date that coincides with Dr. Fawcett’s 60th grade reunion weekend.

The Holy Cross confirmed Monday that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden’s top medical adviser on the coronavirus epidemic, Dr. Fawcett will be on campus for the reunion. The National Institutes of Health did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

President of the Holy Cross, Vincent D. “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate Dr. Fawcett in such a public and lasting way,” Rugeu said in a statement. “It is fitting that Dr. Fawcett’s name would embellish a complex designed to promote inclusive education across multiple academic disciplines – the kind of broad, collaborative and holistic thinking needed to manage health crises such as HIV / AIDS, Ebola and Zika or the present. Covid 19 worldwide. “

Dr. Fawcett graduated from Holy Cross in 1962 as a Classic Major with a premedical concentration. He spoke to Holy Cross Magazine in 2021 about how the school’s Jesuit education had influenced his career advising presidents.

“One of the things I learned the first time I briefed a president, President Ronald Reagan, was that when you tell the truth to the authorities, you have to make a decision that you don’t have to worry about wanting to be chosen,” he said. He says “because once you start entering it into your equation, you can subconsciously fall into a situation where you tell someone what they think they want to hear. And it’s not true. Learn – Really Strengthens You. “

Dr. Fawcett gave a virtual speech during the 2020 opening ceremony of the Holy Cross, where he again mentioned his Jesuit teachings.

“Flowing through the whole experience was the Jesuit spirit of intellectual rigor,” he said. “The economics of thought and the economics of expression are principles that have touched me to this day.”

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