The Giants worked OL Bernhard Raimann, OL Luke Goedeke

Central Michigan held its Pro Day on Tuesday and 11 NFL teams attended were scouts or coaches. Among them was the New York Giants, who sent offensive line coach Bobby Johnson to oversee the event.

While there, Johnson and other on-line coaches Bernhard Ryman and Luke Goede closely watched.

Although the Giants have spent less resources for the linemen this offseason, they can still address that area of ​​concern in the 2022 NFL draft. It will come through a first round tackle and then through depth.

Here’s what’s Lance Jirlin had to say about Raiman, who compared Sebastian Volmer’s supporters.

With alluring athleticism and an impressive set of skills, Raiman is scratching the surface of his potential. The Covid-19 epidemic saw its initial transition from hard edge to left in 2020, making its rapid transition fairly significant. He is a much better technician than he should be at this stage, but his methods are also mechanical and he can fight against sophisticated edge defenders until he learns to diversify his pass set and hand use. Raiman’s instincts and fundamentals in the position are still at a developmental stage so obstacles are expected on the road, but his best football should be ahead of him and a long-time starter on his left tackle.

Raiman was widely ridiculed for going to the second round, but some jokes have seen him go anywhere from Round 1 to Round 4. However, its stock continues to grow.

Meanwhile, here’s what Gerlin had to say about Goedek, who compared him to Connor McGovern.

Tight and turned tackle whose final landing spot may be on guard due to lack of required length. Goedek is a Rancorus run blocker whose talent can be used to root out opponents. He balances an exciting field behavior with tactics above average and often sustains and finishes the block as an NFL veteran. He has time to build his frame but small arms will offer matchup challenges from time to time. Goedeke was a strong contender against decent competition in the 2021 season, but his strength profile as well as a good starter and able to make an impact sooner than later.

Goedeke has been ridiculed as high as round 3 but as low as round 7. He was considered a free agent-like genius in recent December, but like Ryman, his stock has grown considerably.

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