The father reversed the 650 charge for driving outside his own home

The fine caused ‘a lot of extra effort and stress’ for his family (Photo: BPM Media)

A London man has been fined £ 650 for driving on his own road, and “justice” has finally been served.

Abdul Nur Mohamed was caught on camera five times entering a designated school area, including his road.

For those without a permit, parking is prohibited at certain times in the morning and afternoon.

But Abdul claimed he had registered both his car and his van at his home and said he was “surprised” to receive the fine.

He challenged Harrow Council and reached out to MPs for help – and this week he received the news of the victory.

The 39-year-old told Mylandon, ‘It feels like a huge weight off my shoulder.

‘[The council] No one has pleaded guilty yet, they still forced me to register even though I did it before, but at least they canceled. ‘

The school zone scheme, which covers several streets in Harrow, was implemented in consultation with local residents and schools.

A father is fighting for a 650 fine that was paid to him after he was caught driving in his own home and car.  Abdul Nurmohammad, 39, got five tickets to enter a school street?  Harrow territory in limited time.  School Street is a road where traffic is restricted during drop-off and pick-up near schools.  Mr Nurmohammad was fined even though he lives in an area covered by the scheme, and registered his car and van during the initial trial period in 2020.  Caption Mark Warning Drivers They Cannot Use Marlborough Hill, Harrow, Provide Only at Specified Time Since Images Are Not Our Copyright
Living in the school street zone is like living in a prison, says Abdul (Photo: BPM Media)

It was effective in controlling the number of vehicles occupying the road space during drop off and pick up.

Abdul’s own children attend a nearby Marlborough school, and he says he was treated like a “celebrity” when news of his success spread.

Many of his neighbors are fighting the same thing and the delivery drivers are unknowingly trapped by the same camera.

Harrow Council has been contacted by for comment.

Abdul had earlier said that the flow of fines had made his life on the streets like ‘imprisonment’.

He added: ‘My head is spinning, it has caused so much extra work and stress. We can’t have visitors, we don’t get delivery. ‘

But Abdul’s plight is probably lighter than the mix he faced with driver John Barrett last month.

The 54-year-old from Chiswick was shocked to receive 51 fines for using the road for residents only.

The fine added up to a staggering 6,000.

John said: ‘The time it takes to print those screenshots and put the letter in an envelope will be a fortune.

‘All they have to do is register me on their computer and they will see that I have a permit. Took this [up] I have a lot of time. ‘

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