The Covid case rate has hit an all-time high in England, according to the Impressive Response Study

The Covid-19 case rate is at its highest in England, with experts warning of an increase in hospital admissions and deaths.

Two variants of Omicron – BA.1 and BA.2 – caused joint peaks in the epidemic, one in January and another last month, according to data from a recent React-1 study at Imperial College London.

Testing between 8 and 31 March suggested that 6.37% of the population was in England COVID-19 During this period – the highest level recorded in the epidemic.

This compares with 4.41% in January.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the 55’s

The same can be said of research data Coronavirus Cases are declining or increasing on the plateau in the younger age groups, while the incidence has increased in the older groups – those who may be suffering from serious illness.

Towards the end of March, there was a growing trend among 5 to 17 year olds and the level of infection decreased among 18 to 54 year olds.

But experts over the age of 55 see the opposite, the case is growing.

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Free trial ends on COVID growth day

The study further suggests that hospital admissions in England have increased and may be due to a “high and growing incidence among the elderly”.

Crystal Donnelly, a professor at Imperial College London, said: “It is still a fact that if you see more infections, you will expect to see more serious consequences, albeit in very small proportions.

“So we still don’t know when we will see a peak in the oldest age and because those people are at high risk of serious consequences which is a matter of particular concern.

“It is possible that if the outbreak continues to increase, you will see a further increase in the rate of serious consequences.”

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Kovid ‘could evolve’

Continued surveillance ‘important’

Despite the increase in infections by March, The government has continued with plans to lift restrictions, including regular, free examination rules.

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the React-1 program, said it was “really important” to monitor serious consequences and track new variants from Covid.

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In response to the inquiry, NHS Confederation Policy Director Dr Laila McKay said: “Around 20,000 people are now hospitalized in England and in the NHS with Covid, and its tired staff are really struggling to cope with increasing admissions and bed rest.

“NHS leaders and their teams are expanding their cowardice services and reopening coronavirus wards, but the government must pay attention. With a chronic staffing shortfall and a waiting list backlog of over 6.1 million now, we need a realistic conversation about the current situation.” In health care. “

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