The Arctic Council has condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine

Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States have condemned Russia’s unwarranted invasion of Ukraine on March 3, citing serious obstacles to international cooperation, including the Arctic, which have led to Russia’s actions.

The Arctic Council said in a joint statement that “we are confident of the lasting value of the Arctic Council’s ongoing cooperation and reiterate our support for this organization and its work.” “We have a responsibility to the people of the Arctic, including indigenous peoples, who contribute and benefit from the important work undertaken by the council,” they added.

“The core principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity based on international law have prolonged the work of the Arctic Council, a forum that Russia currently chairs. In light of Russia’s clear violation of these policies, our delegates will not travel to Russia for Arctic Council meetings, “the statement said. In addition, the Arctic Council stated that it was temporarily suspending participation in all meetings of the Council and its subsidiaries, pending consideration of the necessary procedures that would allow them to continue their important work in the current situation.

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