“Stone Cold” Steve Austin defeats Kevin Owens

WrestleMania 38 (Night One) ends with the “KO Show” segment featuring Kevin Owens and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Throughout the segment, Owens continues to shrink Austin, fans and the state of Texas. Owens will then formally challenge Austin in a “No Holds Barred” match. Austin, who has not officially wrestled a match in 19 years and has since retired, has accepted the challenge.

Austin ended the pinfall victory by hitting Owens with a Stone Cold Stunner. After the match, Austin celebrated his traditional beer bash routine with the WWE Universe, then dropped him off with a stunner after inviting WWE commentator Byron Saxton to the ring for a beer, then gave Kevin Owens another stunner for a good measure when he tried. To get to his feet.

You can check out some highlights from the segment and see the matches below:

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