Stock List for IBD Live QA Summary, Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Question The answer So John Mucho tweeted last night that the Naz power trend has started. Is that correct? When to buy some TQQQ? Live answer David you may like here Live answer Good morning! Tesla blasted more than 5% after 4-day mini consolidation without forming a ‘proper handle’ that no one bought, even a pilot position because of it? Is it overextended now? We are not on the leaderboard. Looked very extended. David – Do you think things look better for tech stocks? Live answer GM, how about FB? Going back to the 50-day high for the first time since December, but the chart needs a lot of repairs. Can David show his iPad screening? Hope next week! We plan a different segment for today. What was Chris’s stock ticker? ARCH Thank you for solving the vaccine problem from maintenance over the weekend. Got them back today. Thanks. Great! So Chris’s pick is the same as yesterday, right? Yes! Can you provide links to the mentioned series? This is our FAQ page at Good morning! Morning Brian! Good morning Morning! “‘@David Ryan – I got a message from @ Dryan210, looking like your account – until they asked me Has anyone cloned your account? “ Live answer Can you comment BRCC’s 34M Revenue 35,000 stores only $ 1000 / store. Also double that as many US stores as SBUX? Not sure if Apple to Apple – to my knowledge BRCC doesn’t have a “barista” position like SBUX, but they sell their coffee at grocery stores, etc. The power trend seems to have started yesterday. Live answer Where you don’t think or swim or set your alert on the market I use both. Depending on which platform I’m using. There are also some caveats that I can only do in TOS, such as intraday reversal. How do you grade URNM base? Live answer ZIM DAC Why was there some news on the sale of shippers yesterday? I don’t know but the truck / train rolled over … maybe the shipping rate / demand is usually declining. China’s cowardly shutdown could have an impact. Thanks. How about TWTR? Restoring the 200-day line is a good sign for the first time since the end of last year. Also, I like how the 2022 revenue estimate shows a 310% increase. HCC used a matte coal stock from Walter Energy in Alabama It closed near the bottom yesterday, which is one reason ARCH caught my attention. Good Morning Chris.- You mentioned that 46 out of 50 IBD stocks are below their 200d. However, it does not look like me. It was not IBD 50. I looked at the top 50 movers in the IBD Live Universe, which have over 10 stocks and at least 20 million in volume. Ed pushed his overall investment ideas. Ha ha ha. Good morning – can you repeat the definition of an energy trend? Here is a good story that mentions the tendency to get for a very clear definition: heres -how-to-use / Can you see KTOS? Live answer Talking about the heart valve – what do you think about SWAV? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I’d like to see a handle at some point. Is there a list of the most owned stocks somewhere, or are mutual funds gaining ownership? The use of IBD stock screener is a good tool for this. Screen according to the criteria “Funds are buying stocks”… Which stock is being monitored for SwingTrader today? Is there a watchlist somewhere that I’m missing? Click on the FAQ link on the SwingTrader homepage and scroll through this section: Can we get a watchlist of stocks before they trigger a buy point? There is a link to the watchlist, which we are updating this morning. ZIM did what other shippers stopped selling on Monday. ZIM paid its dividends on Monday. Can I see this hope below or has something fundamentally changed with their profit picture? I would like to buy more as the industry rankings actually improve
This week. Am I looking for an entry? Mary Ann I don’t think there should be any effect on dividend payments – it’s the former dividend date around March 21st. There seems to be a general tendency away from shipping companies – at sea or on land. Will the EU help the ARCH with sanctions on Russian coal? Yes. What are your buying and selling rules in options? See for assets! TSLA broke the trendline Yes. After such a big run it seems to stretch here. Could really use a break IMO. This does not mean that it will not continue! ORLY – good 50d / 10w bounce? Also, the daily and weekly charts pivot separately. Which has more water? The base of the weekly cup is of course long and still being made, where the cup with the daily handle is already broken. I like the cup base at the moment and it looks like the stocks are moving in the 50-day line. HCC is also moving forward with ARCH They are both struggling with the market. BTU volume doesn’t look so good, will you still buy? Today’s volume can get stronger as the day progresses, so keep in mind. Also, the spike in the week of March 4 shows above average volume. How about KTOS? Its defensive name, not extended like the others, is Cathy Wood owner? No official basis has been created yet, but you can draw a downward trendline and buy it. The shares are still below that line. I like that it’s doing a 200-day recovery in strong volume. AVAV According to MarketSmith there is no official basis, but you can consider it as the first entry in the downward trendline. DAC 10 days hit, it would be good to know your thoughts I had this one position but sold energy a few weeks ago. It’s weakening right now and breaking below the 10-week liking. David: Thinking about AVAV – (switchblade drone) According to Marketsmith, there is no official basis, but you can consider it as the first entry in the downward trendline. What do you think about SEDG? Still trying to break out but haven’t seen such a long wait in one hand? True, we’re just waiting for meaningful volume. The volume pops up early but already seems to fade. WSC? Let’s see if it can hold support on the 21-day line. Back to the bottom of the purchase point. Hello David Ryan. What do you think about LMT today? I think the group (Defense) was heated 2 months ago and now forgot as a volume deal so I bought it today because it broke the trendline coming down from the 5 week base. Live answer Does David Ryan still have gold stocks? Live answer CLB = Cute Little Base I love it! Haha What about the Silver Group? AG I like the set up stage and how it’s moving above average. Although it’s much higher at PE 452, or about 20x the S&P 500. David, What is your view on shipping stock including trucks? Is it too late to leave? Live answer So those gold mining stocks which are workable Live answer A fake I liked it from the early entry above the 50-day line but am happy to see the new correct purchase point form outside the cup. The RS line at the new height wants to add me to my position. Is GWW still a good move? Yes and it is good to see the RS line at new heights here. What did you do with the chart change? Weekly best fit varies from ideal What happened to all Semifices RMBS, ACLS, AOSL, etc.? Taiwan Semi said consumer electronics demand appears to be weakening. We’ve seen many downgrades to AMD / Dell / HP for PC vulnerabilities and more. I don’t know why RMBS / ACLS / AOSL are particularly down. ED – $ CCL says the seven-day period from March 28 to April 3 was the busiest week for new cruise bookings in the company’s history. Nothing is actionable, however, travel-related stocks are worth observing. Yes. I think I mentioned it in the news. They are certainly among the leaders today. Hello why no one is talking about healthcare $ UNH $ MCK $ ABC $ ABBV? This stock has been great as of late Brief medical reference. UNH is going higher in the purchasing zone. MCK / ABC / ABBV stretched, but looks good. Not to mention power trends? As mentioned earlier. Was there. What is the definition of energy tendency, Money is money and profit or profit whatever the stock. In some markets O Neil has to be flexible according to page 164 cyclicals! Get over the high tech stock! The goal is to make money! Live answer Please thank David Ryan for calling in / texting “his holiday”. His comments last Thursday / Friday about not falling into the trap of growth / technology were incredibly helpful. Live answer Ed, insurance companies were mentioned about a week ago – BRO, CB, AIG. Shouldn’t these be considered when the Fed is aggressive about interest rates? Definitely. They don’t care about the yield curve. Insurance companies can do better. The stock is not growing, but is performing well. How about FCX, AA The FCX handle extends from recent cups with buy points. Also, keep in mind that the income will be within a few weeks. ANET watch? Yes, watch I will not use buy stop because I will pass if there is low volume. I only use buy stop if I see something in a day and look in the opposite direction. PAYX Live answer NVDA Live answer MP Live answer Please look at TW Live answer On Live answer Mm Live answer GNK Live answer CLF Live answer Mm Live answer Mm Live answer WSC Live answer Oxy Aqua Live answer BX Live answer Oxy Live answer antm Live answer It is Live answer HWM? Live answer PSTG Live answer pltr Live answer SQ please Live answer Brother Live answer EWA and EWZ: In the past when we used to bargain for indexes that were still working, and weren’t in the US, well, why isn’t it a protocol to look at foreign country stock indices? When was the last time you looked at Brazil live
(EWZ) or Australia (EWA)? Scott St. Clair recently came up with a very attractive model for the EWZ and reconsidered it yesterday. Dogs Excluding TSLA is one of the best triple-digit PE stocks… but it’s hard to name.

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