Steven Tyler’s Grammy Party Talisman for Jenny’s Fund 4.6M

Steven Tyler’s Grammy Awards party returned on Sunday after the 2021 annual event was called off due to the epidemic.

Set for dinner and a show at the Hollywood Palladium, the event has historically benefited Tyler’s charity Jenny’s Fund, a philanthropic initiative to raise awareness for young girls surviving abuse and neglect. In partnership with nonprofit Youth Villages, the fund’s name is inspired by Aerosmith’s 1989 hit “Johnny’s Got a Song”, which tells the story of a young girl who was the victim of domestic violence.

Early in the evening, Aerosmith Frontman toasted the crowd by turning off the live stream of the Grammy. After a three-course dinner and award broadcast, Rockstar performed his first public performance in two years, performing the piano at Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.

In an emotional speech, Tyler spoke to the crowd about how neglected and abused children “paid dearly” as a result of the epidemic, referring to Jenny and Gabriel Fernandez, an 8-year-old boy who was abused and, in the end, murdered – a story on Netflix Was chronicled in The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.


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See the latest videos, charts and news

“The world is at a standstill,” Tyler said of the outbreak. “Instantly, 2020 has become a devastating F5 tornado – the worst situation for children in this country. Schools were closed, home stays were ordered, meaning personal and economic pressures and substance abuse would continue. Children have paid a lot of price. It makes me think of Janice and Gabriel in 2020.

Jesse J came to the Palladium stage that night, replacing the original actor Miley Cyrus who could no longer attend due to a positive test for the Covid-19.

Tyler addressed the crowd, “Leave it to the mind-blowing talent Jesse J. Thank you for taking the big step for us and for Miley.” “As you may have heard, Millie couldn’t stay here with us tonight. We send her our vibe and we hope she will feel better soon. Thanks also to Miley’s incredible band who are going to kill it with us tonight. “

Cyrus tweeted the news on Saturday night, apologizing to Jenny’s fund and Tyler for her absence. The pop star wrote, “Traveling around the world, playing for 100,000 people in one night and meeting hundreds of fans during the day is much more likely to be cowardly. I have Covid now but it was definitely worth it. ” He followed with a second tweet that he was “feeling good”.

Throughout the night, several large ticket items were auctioned, including Aerosmith’s touring “Dream On” piano, ট 700,000 signed by Tyler, a portrait of celebrity photographer Andy Gots for ,000 100,000, and a real Mick Rock photo of Tyler performing with Air. 1976 Courtesy. The event raised a record-breaking $ 4.6 million for Jenny’s Fund.

Other participants included Ashley Simpson Ross and Evan Ross, Caitlin Jenner, Melissa Joan Hart, Ashley Benson, Matt Soram and Kat Graham.

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