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Spring has finally arrived, and as the weather warms up, I’m getting impatient for the sunny sky, the huge pile of books, and the lazy days of reading outside my hammock. Even though I’m an adult and I no longer have summer vacations, I love to grab a pile of books that are easy, fun to read and work through them, and read some graphic novels about the summer months! If you’re looking for some great new YA graphic novels and comics to start your summer on the right foot, look no further!

This quarter is a bit thinner than the previous seasons, but we can still expect some great, brand new graphic novels from the new voice, a reprint of fan favorites, a newly published version of a favorite webcom, a translated work, two graphic novels. About food and falling in love, and some interesting adaptations from big-name manufacturers – one of which may surprise you! Whether you’re about those heartwarming and real-life moments in a realistic graphic novel or you love your stories with a gorgeous dash, this quarter will surely satisfy. Be prepared to request from your library and submit your pre-order!

Chef Kiss of Jarrett Melendez, Danica Bryan and Hank Jones (April 12)

Ben Cook has just graduated and is looking for his first job – anything related to reading and writing would be great, but beggars can’t be pickers. When he sees a help ad that doesn’t require experience, he gets a chance to work in a restaurant, even if it challenges him in unexpected ways. Ben goes to work… and he’s one of the chefs he works with. But is cooking his entertainment, or intoxication?

Teen Man Cover by Justin Madson

Justin Madson’s Teen Man (April 19)

Solar is a high school student mourning the death of her beloved grandmother, and her younger brother Fenn doesn’t understand why she’s in a bad crowd and has no interest in helping him build a rocket out of their garage. When Campbell, a tin man who is dissatisfied with the purpose of his life, approaches and asks them to help him find a heart, they find a friendship that proves to be both amazing and liberating.

Summer fire cover

Summer fire by Giulia Sagramola (June 14)

Available for the first time in English, this graphic novel tells the story of two sisters who grow up in a small Italian town, like the flames of a fire in the mountains around their home, and they explore their own amazing desires and reckless choices.

Fugitive diary cover

The Runway’s Diary by James Patterson, Emily Raymond and Valeria Wicker (May 10)

Eleanor and Sam are sisters who love each other and can get along very well, even if they are really different. Sam is popular when Eleanor is a soloist who likes to dream. But when Sam disappears somewhere in Seattle, Eleanor must summon all his courage to go after him.

Batter Royal Cover

Batter Royal (June 7) by Leslie Adams

Rose is a 17-year-old waitress who lives and works in a small town, but when she inadvertently makes an impression on a famous food critic, Rose and her best friend Fred face a lifelong opportunity to compete in baking themselves. Challenges that can change their lives forever… if they can beat the competition and survive the pressure.

Cover of taproot resissue

Taproot: The Gardener and a Ghost by Keezy Young (June 7)

Neil is dead and unable to move forward because he has fallen in love with his best living friend Hamal. Hamal can see ghosts, which is convenient for Neil… but when Hamal’s power seems to be endangering him, the two have to team up to find the source of the danger so that Neil can protect Hamal, even if it means moving on. This is a brand new reissue version.

Slip cover

Slip by Marika McCulla and Atmaja Pandya (June 7)

Just as Jade is getting ready to go to her summer art camp, her best friend Phoebe is trying to take her own life. Jade is heartbroken, but she goes to camp where she can meet new friends and even find a romance. But despite this new opportunity, he still regrets Phoebe and spends his energy creating ceramic monsters that come to life downstream … and will force him to face his pain.

Good cover

The Well by Jack Watt and Chu (May 10)

Lizzie lives on an island where she lives a simple but mostly contented life and knows how to stay away from the fog and the monsters in it. But when he steals a few coins from a well to cover a debt, he finds himself over his head for his transgression, and along the way he reveals some horrible magical secrets that will affect his family.

Clementine's cover by Tilly Walden

Clementine (June 28) by Tilly Walden

Walden is known for his dreamy and somewhat magical graphic novels, so it may not seem like an obvious choice to portray him. Clementine, A spin-off of the Walking Dead franchise. But her images are beautiful and cool, and this graphic novel about Clementine, who teamed up with an Amish teenager to try to find a safe haven in their zombie-infested world, looks amazing!

Bonus pick

It was released in March, but I missed it in my last quarter round up, so consider it a bonus!

Girl on fire cover

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys, Andrew Weiner and Brittany Williams

Yes, by what Alicia! The story is adapted from her song by the same title, and it has the potential to be disgusting to a 14-year-old girl. Lolo’s mother moved into his family a long time ago, so now he and his father and brother. When a case of misidentification endangers Lolo’s brother with a copy, Lolo discovers the telekinetic ability he didn’t know he had and puts him in the crosshairs of a dangerous dealer around him. But when she thinks things can’t be any more confusing, her mother reappears.

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