Scarborough And Company Shred Tom Cotton

The last judge, Jackson, went to Nuremberg and left the Supreme Court to prosecute the Nazis. Judge Jackson may have gone there to protect them. “

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) on the Senate floor, RE: Ketanji Brown-Jackson

Tom Cotton is a Harvard-educated lawyer, yes – one of the MAGA Ivy Leaguers, Howley, Cruz, etc. – who knows well and simply doesn’t care. He knows that the more extreme Fox viewers, who vote in the presidential primary, often racist, will nod.

Former extreme conservative Joe Scarborough’s show panel became furious over the comments. The comment itself mentions that Ketanji Brown-Jackson represented the detainees at Guantanamo Bay as a federal public defender. He mentioned that he did not get to sue. They are recruited. Scarborough took from there:

He is twisting the subject. This is a bad show for another guy in the Ivy League. Another Ivy Ligger who went to Harvard Law School lied to you about what happens when you are a public defender, what happens when you are given a lawsuit. Do you know why this suit is assigned? Because of the United States Constitution, which Republicans like Tom Cotton claim to protect.

They carry it in their pockets, hold their small pocket-sized constitutions, but don’t really curse what’s inside! Because if Tom Cotton did, he would understand that lawyers would do what the U.S. Constitution guarantees to every American, and lawyers have been doing that since the beginning of this republic. He knows best. That’s what makes it absolutely, positively embarrassing.

Yes. When one realizes that Cotton Brown-Jackson fully understands both the situational-constitutional aspects Jobs, It is almost impossible not to recall the observation of Congressman Eric Swalwell that Republican politics has diverged from pro-wrestling. They jump off the ropes and throw a chair over your head – all for the television – but never without any real animosity, never really hitting the person.

Other than that, unlike pro-wrestling, the average Fox viewer doesn’t know it’s fake, and the Ivy Leaguers fully understand and appreciate that reality or they won’t. The truth is that many viewers believe that senators like Cotton confirm that the chair hits the head and these words will follow Brown-Jackson in the High Court and will be associated with the already strong conservative hatred.

Absolutely, positive, embarrassing, as Joe says. Cotton knows it and doesn’t care.

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