Sage Sunak dismisses wife’s non-Dom status verification as ‘unpleasant smear’ –

Latest Update: Chancellor insists Akshat Murthy has followed ‘letter of law’ and paid all taxes in UK

Sage Sunak And his wife Immaculate Conception He has been legally declared a “permanent resident of the United States” for more than a year as his chancellor – for tax purposes, it is reported.

Sky News reports that the couple held a “green card” in the United States that allowed them to stay in the United States for more than a year as chancellor – before dropping it off at the Treasury.

The U.S. government website says the card is only for people who have “made the United States their permanent home” – which would be strange for anyone with multiple government jobs, including the local government minister, the secretary general of the treasury and the chancellor.

A source close to Mr Sunak said, “None of them have a green card,” but declined to answer questions about whether they had the chancellor during his time as chancellor.

Nuclear power is important to our future, and the GMB has long told ministers that without new nuclear power, there can be no net zero.

But the Prime Minister has been here 24 hours at Hinkley Point C and questions about this so-called power plan will not go away.

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