Rye Allen, actress of The Sopranos and Dam Yankees, dies at 95

Rye Allen died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 95.

The Tony Award-winning actress was best known for her roles in The Sopranos, All in the Family and Dam Yankees, and died Wednesday morning.

Born in New York, Rye Julia Theresa Abruzzo was described by many who knew her as “the power of nature” and had quite a successful acting career spanning several decades.

Rye began his acting career in Broadway theater productions after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1947.

In 1955, she received her first Tony nomination for Best Actress in a Drama for her role as Gloria in Dam Yankees.

Rye Allen, of course, died at the age of 95


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He was later re-nominated in 1967 for his role in Traveler Without Luggage. And she won an award in 1971 for her role in Miss Reardon Drinks a Little.

In 1958, she played Gloria on the big screen as part of the adaptation of the film Dam Yankees.

He also starred in the 60’s TV show, The Untouchables, Car 54, Where Are You? And the Patty Duke show.

He had several guest appearances throughout the year, including The Greatest American Hero, Lou Grant, and the Hill Street Blues.

She played a continuing role in Soap, where she played Judge Betty Small.

Elsewhere in her fascinating biography, she played Mrs. Sokol in Seinfeld before playing Aunt Quintina Blundeto in The Sopranos.

At the turn of the millennium, he starred in several huge series, including Gray’s Anatomy and NYPD Blue, while on the big screen he could be seen in films including Stargate and A League of the Own.

He has also starred in Hoyers Pappa and Rain Over Me.

Rye Allen died Wednesday morning


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Following the news of his death, fans started posting condolence messages on social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “Peace Ray Allen.”

She is survived by her nieces Laura and Betty Cosgrove, as well as her friends April Webster and Lisa Ann Gold, whom she thought were her adopted family.

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