Rush to Beat Clean Car Discount Fee Drive Record NZ March Sale

The New Zealand Motor Industry Association (MIA) says sales of 21,044 new cars in any given month of the year, as expected from April 1, 2022 to effective clean car discount fees, set a record for more than 4,374 units. October 2018 registration 16,607 units.

Record sales of light commercial vehicles were predominant – 9,841 units (including heavy commercial vehicles) as buyers rushed to avoid fees for vehicles with high CO2 emissions.

In March 2021, the registration of 21,044 increased by 35.8% To date, the market has grown 12.5%

Electric cars were popular in March as 1,777 pure electric, 431 PHEV and 496 hybrids were sold.

Passenger car and SUV registrations rose 10.8% to 11,203 units last month, while commercial vehicle sales rose 82.7% to 9,841 units.

The three best-selling models in March were the Mitsubishi Triton (2,266 units), the Ford Ranger (1,933) and the Toyota Hilux (1,580).

Mitsubishi is the overall market leader with 17% market share (3,566 units), followed by Toyota with 13% (2,767 units) and Ford with 11% market share (2,362 units).

Year of market share to date, ahead of Mitsubishi (18%), Toyota (13%) and Ford (11%).

In March, 1,761 light vehicles and 16 heavy vehicles, fully battery-powered electric vehicles, were registered. The best-selling models were the Tesla Model 3 (949 units) followed by the MG ZS (129 units) and the Polyester 2 (105 units).

The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling passenger car.

The MIA noted that, as expected, sales of petrol hybrid vehicles were “soft” in March as some buyers delayed delivery in April to take advantage of the rebates that are now being offered to these vehicles under the new Clean Car discount.

Of the 496 hybrids registered in March, the top three were Toyota RAV4 (84 units), Honda Jazz (42) and Mercedes-Benz C-Class (33).

Mitsubishi tops the market in passenger and SUV registration with 11% share, followed by Tesla (8%) and Toyota (8%).

The best-selling passenger and SUV models are the Model 3, Mitsubishi Outlander and RAV4.

Mitsubishi led CV sales with 24% stake, followed by Ford (21%) and Toyota (19%).

Mitsubishi’s Triton was the top seller (23%) Ranger (20%) and Helix (16%).

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