Report: Watson of the Browns could be suspended for just four games

We recently heard that the new Browns QB Deshaun Watson The Commissioner’s exemption list will not end He will not be criminally charged with sexual harassment for which he is still facing 22 civil cases. And,’s Mary K. as Cabot The absence of a criminal charge could also help Watson avoid a long suspension, he wrote.

To Cabot, league investigators will see the grand jury non-complaint as a “cause of mitigation” when it comes to punishing a stray passerby. A stay order cannot be issued until the civil matter is resolved – and Cleveland will not press Watson to settle the lawsuit – but when the NFL investigation is over and a decision is made, Cabot hears that Watson may be given a six-game ban that is reduced to four games.

This would obviously be a huge victory for the Brown, who left the draft capital favor to Watson for the acquisition and a market-changing deal that many scholars have classified as desperate. Although there is a way to rewrite the winning history, and if Watson can avoid all his legal troubles with a four-game suspension (at least as far as field limitations are concerned), Cleveland will have a much better chance of winning. 2022 and beyond.

Of course, the Browns are still roasting Baker Mayfield, an awkward reality that would be even more awkward if they were forced to hold him throughout 2022. GM Andrew Berry recently said He would be willing to do that, but it would be a bit of a stretch. Berry obviously wants to trade the former No. 1 overall pick, and he’s willing to wait until he hits the starting quarterback at another club and creates a QB requirement for that club. According to Cabot, Berry may have to do just that, as there is “no market” for Mayfield at the moment.

However, Cabot said Berry did not want to give up Mayfield or include a draft pick of his own in a trade to tempt other parties to accept Mayfield’s contract. He writes that in the case of Watson’s suspension, not Mayfield, but the plan of the newly signed QB Jacob Brisett remains. The The base price of the one-year contract Briset signed with the Browns last month was 4.65M, almost entirely guaranteed (4.5M). Tom Pelisero Of the NFL network Comments. There will be opportunities to earn more through the Briset Incentive, most likely, the Play-Time Incentive which can be realized if / when Briset stands for Watson.

Another Mayfield issue: Watson’s disgust with the Browns intensified after a report published before the trade indicated that the party was looking for “an adult.” In the quarterback position (implying that Mayfield is not actually an adult). According to team owner Jimmy Haslam, the comment did not come from the Cleveland Front office, however Jeff Shudel News-Herald’s.

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