Pusha T&J-Z Release New Farrell-Produced Collab ‘Neck and Wrist’: Listen

Pusha T and J-Z released their all-new single “Neck and Wrist” first thing on Wednesday (April 5).

J-Z’s lyric seems to be quoted and teased the song, Pusha wrote on Instagram and Twitter“‘We’ve got a lot of Saber stories, save your autobiographies …’ – Hove.”

The track, produced by Farrell, comes less than a week after Pusha T shared an Instagram photo of herself posing with the hitmaker. “You didn’t get the emerald green, you couldn’t get Richard to sleeve … and I got a roll that is in the grove that I didn’t run, so I don’t know the reason,” he captioned the post.


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Pusha T&J-Z Release New Farrell-Produced Collab 'Neck and Wrist': Listen

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“Neck and Wrist” also comes just days after the Friday release of Pusha T’s new EP, Good – A 25-minute, five-track project complete with features from 2 Chains, Big Shawn, Kanye West, Chief Kif, Jadakis and Ghostface Kill.

Pusha T has released several back-to-back records and EPs this year, including a second Friday EP title Push and p. The work features six tracks with special appearances by Ab-Liva, Farrell, Cash Doll and Clips.

Pusha T released another double EP last month, eliminating both Rap’s villain And Rage to riches March 25. His five-track Rap’s villain Premier without any listed features. Meanwhile, Rage to riches Rick Ross, Lauren Hill, Future Gigi and Kevin Kasam.

Also in March, Pusha T and Nego released their collaborating tune “Here Me Clearly”.

Pusha T and J-Z’s new “Neck and Wrist” comes almost six years after the pair’s June 2016 collaboration “Drug Dealers Anonymous”.

Listen to the “neck and wrist” below:

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