Paul Heyman WWW Under Utilizing Charlotte Flair, comments on Randa’s thoughts

Paul Heyman was interviewed by Richard Deitch Podcast on Sports Media when he talked about how, according to him, WWE is making less use of SmackDown female champion Charlotte Flair. Heyman also shared his thoughts on Ronda Rousey and the possibility of working together in the future.

You can check out the interview highlight below:

Heyman is less used in Charlotte Flair: “I also think that Charlotte Flair is a dramatically less used talent. WWE both but by Charlotte Flair. I don’t think she understands how great she is. I don’t think it’s a skill set that can be taught to anyone without experience. Coordination, professional intimacy, and trust together, and again, it’s about method. But if I could perform with her, I think I could bring something from Charlotte. A level of importance that she can’t achieve on her own. It cannot be achieved, the Roman Reigns themselves have not been able to achieve tribal chiefs. “

Paul Heyman in Rhonda Rousseau: “It simply came to our notice then. There are some things about Ronda Rousey that are so far ahead of the curve, that are beyond anyone’s ability to comprehend, no matter how great he may be. And there is no way he can reach on his own. She needs someone to bounce off, someone to perform with. An actor acting alone can never be so great, I don’t care if Lawrence Olivier Othello is doing it in the park. She can never be so great that she’s protesting against him, or doing a scene with another actor that can bring something out of Olivier that he can’t get out of himself. “

Hayman is likely working with Rousey: “So with that in mind, it’s an opportunity to work with Rhonda Rouge, whose entire life has been predicted to break down barriers and break the glass ceiling and reach a level that no one else in the planet’s appearance history has, male or female.” , Or any other gender that we care to identify, has ever reached in their entire lives, or has a desire. Oh my god Selfish, I want to see what he can get out of my acting. So, yes I would like to work with Rhonda Rousseau. Working with him behind the scenes is beyond inspiration. Because there is an effort for greatness in Ronder that you have to acknowledge every time you are around it. “

Heyman in the women’s section on WrestleMania: “You see, in the next decade, even in the next half-decade, WrestleMania’s main event, Night Two, the main event, the weekend. In the main event you will see two women. I have no doubt. The competition is fierce, they are very good, they are coming very fast, and their talents are being displayed. That’s where they’re going to end up. “

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