Operation Black Stiletto, My Years in Intelligence

Operation Black Stiletto, My Years in Intelligence, a new book by Dilip Mitra, Former Director General Police (DGP) said The state of West Bengal in India The police Force (IWBSPF) Cadre is sending seismic vibrations around the world of lessons. Not only within the Indian nation, but also beyond the political boundaries of India.

In what Mitra has described “Episodic narrative,” Former dGP While assigning other sensitive tasks to the counter-terrorism branch of the West Bengal Intelligence Branch, he described his experience on the ground, in order to gain proficiency in the language. Mitra worked in the intelligence service for almost a decade between 2001 and 2008.

He was the Deputy Inspector General (You)Special Inspector General (SIG)Inspector General (IG) And Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) In the intelligence branch. Dilip Mitra, a direct IPS officer of the 1976 batch, later retired Thirty-eight And half a year immaculateD.S.With an enviable reputation for service, honesty and efficiency. He retired as Director General of Police, a position he held for more than four years. He was awarded the Indian Police Medal by the President of India for meritorious service.

Book of Operation Black Stiletto

Operation Black Stiletto My Years in Intelligence
Cover of the book Operation Black Stiletto My Years in Intelligence.

This 45-Chapter, 400-Pages The book details a number of mind-boggling incidents in the intelligence operations carried out by Mitra, all of which are still untold stories. Of IWBSPF Intelligence Branch (IB).

Three specific assassination plots targeting former West Bengal chief minister (Cm) Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and others like him where Bhattacharya’s bail would be at stake, Mitra and his party have effectively neutralized. Mitra describes in detail how these plots were identified and how they were thwarted. Mitra mentions two more assassination plots; Everyone where the former Indian Prime Minister (Prime Minister) The late Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the then Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Lal Krishna Advani was the planned target during their respective visits to West Bengal. This, too, was unCovered and neutral by iThe intelligence team led by Mitra.

A failed assassination attempt fFormer Minister Jorge Fernandez, While on tour The western part of the Indian state The plot was hatched during the visit of Gujarat and Union Minister to Berhampur in Murshidabad District of the State of West Bengal Mention is also found in the book.

Land acquisition

Nandigram is a small town in East Midnapore district Of the State of West Bengal Erupted as a protest against a land acquisitionThe acquisition plan by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), i.e. CPI-M led gThe decision to set up an industrial zone by an Indonesian-based industrial group has grown rapidly. A vicious conspiracy was hatched by the Haldia-based CPI-M Satrap and an ambitious, unethical intelligence officer. “Intelligence Assessment,” The document was used very effectively to force a reluctant and hesitant Buddhadeb Bhattacharya to direct police action against the anti-land acquisition movement.

CPI-M-controlled police fired barbaric, murderous police at unarmed villagers; Children, women and the elderly, many of whom are dead and many more are missing. Informed sources said that the police fired for about an hour.

Media reports claimed that more than two hundred unarmed protesters had been shot dead by villagers, and sources claimed that several bodies had been quickly disposed of without signs. Mitra termed the horrific police firing in Nandigram as ‘murder’. And ‘genocide‘And say that it was West Bengal StateIts Jallianwala Bug and Vietnam’s Mai Lai match.

In the American Center Calcutta

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base Known as Kolkata – Kolkata (capital of the state of West Bengal), Which killed five policemen and injured twenty others, has come under close scrutiny in Mitra’s book.

Mitra said an intelligence alert issued to the Kolkata police had not been taken seriously and that it had led to major security flaws on the part of the Kolkata police. With virtually every bullet fired by Aftab Ansari and his assassins, the Allies have thoroughly analyzed the attack. Mitra, who has been interrogating Aftab Ansari for several days, has revealed a considerable amount of information gathered from Ansari, but has expressed discomfort about some other specific details. However, Mitra did not draw a fist when he said that the then leadership of the Calcutta Police had been found to be seriously ineffective in dealing with the intelligence alert in a casual and unnecessary manner.

Concerning the attack, the Allied Center guards raised serious questions about the lack of response from members of the police force. He wonders if the weapons possessed by the police members were effective and more importantly the reliability of the ammunition given to the police. In the chapter on the American Center attack, ally Shaw made a hint load reference to Shaw Blantsley and Sergius.

Terrorism in India

Operation Black Stiletto covers various other aspects. The state of terrorism in India, the infiltration of enemy spies, the embedding of ‘slipper cells’, terrorist attacks across India, the problem of illegal immigration in the country and the overall security environment in India. Mitra discusses in depth, the post-Mujib changing scenarioUr Rahman Bangladesh, anti-India profile Director General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), Bangladesh Before Sheikh Hasina has been operating for years Bhutanese army against Indian rebelsAnd the separatist party, the infamous Chittagong Arms Drop, kAmtapur L.Ibration OhOrganization (KLO) Movement, B plot to blow up. C. Roy Cub House in Eden Gardens, Calcutta, an iInternational cricket matches, Bengali brother‘Mymensingh terrorism, and several other alarming incidents and developments, all with serious and serious national security implications.

Militant unionism

In his book, Mitra laments the serious infrastructural damage caused by the introduction of militant unionism, the active encouragement of indiscipline and the favorable blind eye to corruption in the police of the CPI-M government and its detrimental effect on police and intelligence. The instrument by a section of politically patronized senior police officers who had separate axes for crushing and who were completely indifferent to morale, efficiency or moral conduct.

Operation Black Stiletto

Main Fault line Time to be an engineer in West Bengal Police 34-Since 1977, the years of CPI-M rule have been clearly, distinctly and explicitly engraved in the book. DGP Dilip Mitra’s book, Operation Black Stiletto, My Years in Intelligence, an engaging, thought-provoking, Enchanting To read Even if it’s annoying, it’s not the author’s fault.

Shiv Shankar Chatterjee, a journalist based in Northeast India, has been told/ Book reviews. AuthorDilip Mitra To be able to Stay Reach outEd – [email protected]

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