Open the central registry for the protection of children

With the primary election looming, Dennis Maris, the Democratic candidate for the State House of Representatives from the 76th District, is wasting no time in getting into business. He supports access to the Central Registry of Child Abuse to protect children.

On Thursday, March 3, Mrs. Maris met with child rights activists Donna Kshir (Clinton County, Pennsylvania) and Lee Roberts (Crestview, Florida). Mrs. Kheir and Roberts are both highly respected activists who use their voices for Connors Law – Kentucky and are receiving letters of recommendation, animal rescue, rights, children’s rights, missing and unknown persons, homeless, domestic violence and the deaf community.

Central Registry of Child Abuse Proposal

In July, the pair proposed opening the current Child Abuse Central Registry to provide parents and carers with tools to protect their children. The idea of ​​helping protect children better came to Mrs. Kshir and Roberts after 2-year-old Konar Bachus was murdered by her mother’s then-boyfriend Ronald Saunders.

Open Central Registry for Child Protection1
Donna Late, left, Dennis Maris, center and Lee Roberts, right.

The two told Miss Maris that if Connor’s mother, Mashanna Wagner, had known Saunders had a violent past, she would never have been involved with him. Saunders served 5.5 years to kill the baby. One month after his release, he was arrested in Oklahoma on a new charge of 1st degree criminal abuse. If April Brandt, the mother of the second victim, had known about Saunders’ previous conviction, she would never have revealed her daughter to this’ monster ‘.

Microsoft. Kshir said, “If only these women knew.” He added, “Why don’t those who have a violent past have a right to know? Why do we continue to cover up the crimes of child abusers and murderers? It makes me sick to know that those who abuse and kill children are safe. What will happen to the children? Where is their protection? The current registry must be a change. It needs to be made public. People have a right to know. We need to equip our parents with information so that they can better protect their children. ”

The Central Registry is a private database used by law enforcement and state agencies when receiving reports of suspected abuse or negligence. Report from the Database Assistance Agency in the investigation of child abuse cases. These records are used to examine the background of potential foster and adoptive parents, day care workers, school, volunteer and employment checks.

Dennis Maris

Mrs. Maris is a mother of 4 children, grandmother of 2 children and a powerful voice for our children. He has a clear idea of ​​what it feels like to raise a family, to work full-time, and to manage a family from paycheck to paycheck. He knows how to deal with the hidden pressures of unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical expenses and much more while trying to protect your children from the unknown. As a former primary school bus driver, Mrs. Maris understands that our most vulnerable population is not only our adults, but also our children. We have no future without our children, we have to protect them with all the tools available to us. We are at a time where knowledge and technology are at our fingertips, but at the same time there are predators and abusers who can take advantage of a broken system.

Microsoft. Kshir said, “The current Central Registry, as it stands now, has left millions of parents and caregivers across the country in the dark about how to protect their children from being convicted of child abuse and neglect.”

Child protection

The proposed revision of the existing Private Central Registry will make the registry available to the public. This requires law enforcement agencies to provide information on individuals convicted of child abuse or death related to child abuse.

“Everyone I’ve talked to has said that if they knew the person had a violent past they would never be involved. If they had known this information beforehand, their child would never have experienced the trauma of abuse. The key to protecting children is knowing who the abuser is. “ Microsoft. Adds latex.

Mrs. Late and Roberts were advised to consider the cost of maintaining the website with the proposed changes. The duo said the existing registry is currently maintained by law enforcement and there would be no actual additional costs with the proposed changes. “The only solution is to release information on those convicted of child abuse and keep the names of the victims secret.” Roberts said

Mrs. Maris, Human Resources Director at Susque-View Home in Lock Haven, said when she was elected state representative for the 76th District, her first business order was to sponsor the amendment and present it to the House of Representatives. On behalf of Mrs. Late and Roberts but also for the children of Pennsylvania whom she believes should be protected at all costs. He believes that the proposed amendments will have a significant impact on the lives of children and families and will significantly reduce the number of victims of child abuse and neglect.

Roberts said, “It takes a village to raise a child and a village to protect them. We must do everything we can to ensure their safety. In that case, it would make the central registry public. “

Mrs. Maris has a bachelor’s degree in business management from Lock Haven University and her master’s degree in health care management. He is a graduate of the 2018 Leadership Clinton County Class, a member of the Rotary Club of Downtown Lock Haven, and the current president of the West Branch Society for Human Resources in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Photo: Bestselling author and child activist Donna Kshir, left, Dennis Maris, 76th District, Democratic candidate for the State House of Representatives from the center, and activist and bestselling author Lee Roberts, right.

Child Abuse Central Registry Snapshot
Central Registry of Child Abuse

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