Open Kardashian fans marvel at the background of the ‘so skinny’ clip of her face

Kardashian fans were completely confused when they saw a video clip from the family’s reality show where she looked ‘so skinny’.

A snippet of an episode is shared on the TikTok page @thekardashiansdaily, where Ma-of-One is seen in her kitchen.

Khloe, 37, had long blonde hair on a throwback slip that began to wipe her hands with a towel.

His mother Chris Jenner was also present.

He shook his daughter to lose weight and said: “You look so skinny!”

However, the video caught the attention of his followers – for the wrong reason.

The reflection of their stairs was seen in the background on the wall, which confused the audience.

Khalo Kardashian’s house had a strange background



In the comments section, one person wrote: “Reflection cabinets continue. They only have polished marble and it reflects the stairs on the other side of the room.”

Another wrote: “The cupboards are empty so he doesn’t stay there.”

A third added: “Are the cabinets empty?” It’s a fake set! ”

Khalora’s entire body has been overhauled since Tristan Thompson was cheated on.

Recently, her image has caused concern among fans who say she is “too skinny”.

Fans point to the mysterious staircase



Others have even denounced his alleged left implant in a photo shared at the gym.

Someone wrote: “God, you can see his implants stretching. The second level of his left above his boom. “

In response, the star fired back: “Haha silly goose. It’s the seam design of leggings. It’s so funny ha! You just want to believe something bad.”

He has lost a lot of weight



Khloe looks dramatically different



Khloe has been putting herself in a gym workout for the past few months as she continues to sweat that cheating guy from her life.

The couple has had an on-off romance since 2016, and a three-year-old girl named True shares it together.

The couple looked set to reunite last year – just to ruin their own chances after conceiving a woman named Tristan Marali Nichols, the basketball star denies the fact until paternity tests prove she was a father.

Now Khloe looks like she’s trying her best to innovate as she runs to the gym before sunrise and finds herself in an incredible shape.

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