Oklahoma lawmakers pass close to a total abortion ban

An Oklahoma abortion ban is on the way to Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk: Senate Bill 612 would make it a criminal offense for anyone to “intentionally perform an abortion or attempt an abortion without saving the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency.”

Penalties for abortion outside of these conditions: a fine of up to ,000 100,000, or imprisonment for up to ten years.

The bill will probably be signed into law. Stitt has called himself “the most pro-life governor in the country” and has previously promised to sign “every pro-life law that comes across my desk.” The Oklahoma abortion ban would potentially force pregnant people in the state to conceive against their will, but it would have a far greater impact. After a six-week abortion ban in Texas went into effect in September, those who have the means to travel across the state line have asked for an appointment in Oklahoma. New York Times Time report.

“The ban will hurt all of us, but it will affect people of the most races, survivors of sexual and domestic violence, immigrants, low-income people, youth and people living in rural areas,” the Oklahoma vice president said in a statement Tuesday. Call. “We must all come together to defend each other by standing up for the shame and justice of our community and supporting local organizations such as the Roe Fund and the Independent Clinic, which are finding ways to help those affected and their families in this time of crisis.”

During a press call with the Reproductive Rights Center in February, abortion providers were loud and clear: bans like Texas would become the norm in many parts of the country if the Supreme Court overturns. Rowe v. Wade, Which they could do next year.

Deprivation of the right to abortion has a significant negative impact on women and children. This is obvious to many of us, but it is worth looking at the statistics: The Turnway Study, which followed nearly 1,000 women in five years, found that abortion does not harm women, and that women who refuse abortion have worse long-term consequences when it comes to physical health, When it comes to financial stability and the safety of their children. Women who were denied abortion were four times more likely to have a family income below the poverty line. They were three times more likely to be unemployed. They were also more likely to be unable to support family needs, including food. They were also more likely to be in contact with violent partners.

Pregnancy always carries risks, but this is even more true in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country, according to the CDC.

Attacks on women’s rights to prevent forced pregnancies are frightening and urgent. You can read Glamor Here’s an explanation of how to prepare for Roe vs. Wade, and stay tuned Reproductive Rights Center And planned paternity.

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