‘Nikola Kaflan of Bridgeton and Luke Newton are hoping for Pauline in the 3rd season

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 2 of Bridgerton.]

Bridgeton Tikap is full to the brim with drama, but nothing more dramatic than the end of Season 2 that has seen a big mystery unfold.

Eloise (Claudia Jesse) finally reveals the true identity of Lady Whistledown as her best friend Penelope (Nikola Kaflan). Needless to say, the betrayal took a big turn in the last moments of the season, but it was not the only way to turn Penelope’s life upside down.

After his crash, Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) unveiled plans to sell tons of counterfeit ruby ​​to his cousin Jack (Rupert Young), and Penelope was shocked by Colin’s efforts to save him and his family. But the warm and vague feelings didn’t last long after the pair shared some special moments, such as Featherington announcing how special Penelope Colin was with a dance, he turned his back on her and dismissed her as a romantic pursuit. His friends.

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Penelope was crushed even more by Colin because of the discovery of his friend Eloise, and this is a short description of the result of his anger over Whistledown. “They debated whether to include it, you know?” Kaflan tells TV Insider. “Luke Newton and I had a zoom [showrunner] Chris [Van Dusen] In the middle of the season because I remember it from the book. I think it’s really important to include that. “

Newton admits to Colin’s social error, “I don’t think he wanted to hear it.” The actor further admits that sometimes Colin can say the wrong thing, it is his outspokenness that really shines. “I think at the time they talk, they’re both pretty sensitive people and calm,” Newton said of Colin and Penelope.

“He’s on this trip and he’s just pretending he’s had a great time, he’s one of those guys and he’s gone on his grand tour. When in natural reality, it wasn’t like that at all, and he doesn’t feel that way, “Newton explains. It’s hard for me to say that. “

Bridgeton Season 2 Luke Newton

(Credit: Liam Daniel / Netflix)

For Penelope, Kaflan thinks this observation will be good for his character in the long run. “If they’re finally going to end up together, he’ll have to stop idolizing her so much,” Kaflan shared. “She thinks she’s perfect. She can’t do anything wrong in her eyes. So, she has to start seeing him as a real person, not this perfect boy.”

This is an important lesson in any relationship, to be sure, but Penelope will undoubtedly learn a lot. “The playing field needs to be level to establish a relationship between the two of them,” Kaflan said. “Well, let’s hope it happens.”

It may take some time for fans of the couple’s “Pauline” book to fall in love, as Newton notes, “I think they’ve been friends for so long and they’ve been together for a long time. . ” In other words, he needs to get Penelope out of the friend zone if he wants to see her as something more.

“As far as some progress has been made,” Newton admits, “it’s not a heated, evaporating scene or an increase in relationships that we’ve seen from other characters. But I think it’s really nice to show both sides of what it is like to fall in love with someone.”

As Colin thinks about Penelope’s secret identity as Lady Whistledown, Newton has some thoughts, noting that “I think her connection with Penelope is strong enough that she looks to the past. But you never know how it will turn out and what will happen in the future. ” Perhaps it is better to expect that love will win? Stay tuned to know when Bridgeton Finally back for Seasons 3 and 4.

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