Nicki Minaj debuted ‘Carpool Karaoke’, as did Adele’s ‘Rap Monster’:

The Late Late Show with James CordenIts popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment returned on Wednesday night (April 8), where the Queen herself was not in the passenger seat.

Nicki Minaj joined Corden on a hilarious ride around Los Angeles, where the pair rapped with the star’s biggest hits, including “Super Bus”, “Starships” and “Chun-Lee,” and her two new Hot 100 entries. “Do we have a problem?” “Blick Blick” with Lil Baby and Koi Lere – and of course, “Anaconda.”



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See the latest videos, charts and news

“You see how meaningful the words are, inspiration?” Minaj joked in a British accent about putting rubbish in her 2014 trunk. “It’s inspiring to talk, James, for the world.”

After hearing one of his utterances from across the pond, Corden noted that the rapper “sounds a lot like Adele” and asked what he thought of the “Hello” singer’s “Monster” cover of his own “Carpool Karaoke” segment in 2016.

“I just loved it, she made me very happy,” Minaj said. “He embodied Nicki Minaj.”

The New Yorker went on to rap with his verse on Yes My beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The track, which featured Adele’s split screen, twisted her in the same verse six years ago. Minaj also tried her hand at serving Adele’s “Someone Like You”, which caused the rapper to burst out laughing.

Later in the episode, Corden asks Minaj to confirm that he started his musical career by playing clarinet. When Minaj agrees, the talk-show host arrives in the back seat of the car and pulls out a clarinet.

Minaj then hesitantly starts playing the instrument one note at a time, which Corden calls him. “I didn’t know we were working OperaThe rapper fired back in a ridiculous manner.

“I was amazed by Nikki the whole afternoon we spent together,” Corden told reporters before the premiere at a press conference early Wednesday. “I am just happy to be in his orbit and in his company. I really, really loved being with her. It was a joy. “

He continued, “It was very difficult to cut. Maybe it’s a 45 minute cut. He was outspoken, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like that. I couldn’t have hoped for a better artist to bring the segment back after two years away. “

Check out Minaj’s “Carpool Karaoke” below, and if you’re looking for a previous season with more musical rides Carpool Karaoke: The Series Available on Apple TV and Apple Music.

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