MLW Fusion Results: Von Erikus v. Mortons, Ricky Steamboat appeared

The man who owns all the power, MLW matchmaker Caesar Duran, starts this episode of Fusion (presented by and asks his rebels if they are ready for some looters!

He knows the history of North Carolina. “Charlotte is beautiful, but let’s be honest, this is not Mexico.” He called the city full of ghost rubbish. What Duran remembers is the end of this city. Suddenly, the lights go out and the “Ricky” song begins. It’s actually “Dragon!” Ricky Steamboat has set foot in Major League Wrestling! Ricky is shaking hands with fans and going to Grady Cole Center Berzark.

Caesar Duran patronizes the “greatest of all time” and thinks he is here to kiss her “ring”. Ricky has revealed that he has been made an interim matchmaker for the evening! Not only that, the investigation is underway! That means Duran can’t stay in the building and he cuts off Caesar’s Azteca Henchmann!

A moment before the steamboat announces something, the Clout couple, Richard Holiday and Alicia Atout come out. Holiday “welcomes” Ricky to Major League Wrestling. Holiday says Ricky has a chance to do something really great tonight. As a matchmaker, perhaps Steamboat should keep him in line for the MLW Heavyweight Championship. Steamboat fans vote. Holidays are fun. Alicia Atout makes it clear that “her man” deserves a big match. Well, the will granted. He will wrestle one after another with Matt Cross tonight. Holiday is furious, but it’s the Dragon’s final call.

Backstage, Emilio Sparks with EJ Nduka and Calvin Tankman AKA Hustle & Power AKA with your new World Tag Team Champions. Tank and the judge are both grateful for their families and those who come to congratulate the new couple, but Myron Reed. World Middleweight “Open Door Closer” is the next step against TJP.

World Middleweight Championship
TJP vs Myron Reed (c)

The young GOAT looks ready because the TJP is suddenly crouching in the corner. The bell is ringing and the two fighters take their time, especially the TJP.

TJP tries to secure the ground game and manages to do so with a snap spinning headscarf. TJP Pin tries to control the speed with effort but Reed shows why he is a worthy champ avoiding his offense. The TJP soon focuses on Myron’s right shoulder and wraps it around the ring post. He throws Reed to the ground in the middle of the ring and puts his foot on Myron’s mug. TJP hits a slingshot for a two count.

Parkinson’s sights are still set on Myron’s shoulders as he controls the canvas with more pin effort. Myron gets to his feet, but it only gets caught catching the octopus stretch. TJP drops him off and tries to stretch a surfboard. She clings to it and Myron is in excruciating pain. As we headed towards the wreck he dropped Reed for a near fall.

It takes a bit, but Reed is fired after hitting the TJP with a sharp injurious. He scouts Parkins well, but the TJPO catches him with a neckbreaker right on the apron. TJP nails a Mamba splash and he covers: 1-2-No! Both men try to pin but Reed kicks TJP in the skull. He goes for a no cap splash, but the TJP rolls and locks an armbar in an STF. Reed gets the rope.

Reed continues to use his legs instead of the pain in his shoulder, but this allows the TJP to hit Tornado DDT. TJP turns an octopus stretch into a crucifix slam TJP gets up for another mamba splash, but Reed pushes the nail with a cutter! 1-2-3!

Winner and still MLW World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

Von Erichs was in Dallas, TX earlier this week as Marshall and Ross (including world champion Alex Hammerstone) were on hand to present the World Class Championship title to the University of North Texas. Now you can see the great city of Dallas remains a true wrestling!

Matt Cross vs. Richard Holiday (with Alicia Out)

Holiday shows off his bloodthirsty first as he relentlessly attacks the cross in the corner, but the cross’s athleticism benefits Matt. He kills Holiday with a suicide dive and Charlotte is fired!

He gets Holliday back in the ring for a near fall. Holiday manages to cross-trip over the upper turnbuckle and Holiday takes him downstairs with a lariat. To set Matt up for a mid-ring neckbreaker, he pushed Matt away in a rich corner before giving him a chop on the side. 1-2-kickout. Holiday soon gets on the rope below the cross and it allows Alicia to dig her nails into the head of the cross!

Richard tries to make a pin on the cross, but Matt shows his endurance. A frustrated Rich Fish hooks Matt, but Cross gets a boot up and then cracks Rich with a pump kick counter. The cross nail gets a springboard crossbody and a very close fall! All types of matte are amped up. Holiday makes a 2008 attempt but the cross hits him with a springboard cross cut for a pin attempt: 1-2-kickout! Cross drops Richard down and rises to the top for a shooting star effort! Holiday scouts it, moves it, hits an uppercut at the cross and nailed it 1-2-3 in the 2008 final.

Winner: Richard Holiday

Richard and Alicia take part in a post-match kiss while the Clout couple rubs victory in the faces of fans.

Rich Bochini tries to have a talk with Holiday but Alicia makes it clear that she is the interview queen. What’s going on in Holiday’s mind? “You, baby.” But he also realizes that he is the sole owner of the dynasty.

We take a special look at one half of the new World Tag Team Champions, “Judge” EJ Nduka.

Emilio holds the fight club’s hand in the bomb. He hears a rumor: Who is the main player in the fight club? Why call him for his unprofessionalism. “I need an answer!” Emilio shouts.

It’s time for the main event.

Ricky and Kerry Morton vs. The Von Erichs

The “Rock and Roll” mantras resonate through the Grady Cole Center as the father and son’s tandem face their friend, Von Eriches. Charlotte sees history happen when the four exchange handshakes before the bell rings. Kerry and Ross start fighting as soon as the two fighters enter the ground game. Kerry quickly gets a count but the juice just comes up. Kerry has a side headlock before hitting Ross with a twisted cross body for two counts.

Ross lowers Kerry to the shoulder, but Morton jumps on Ross and lowers him again. The song “Rock and Roll” continues. Ricky Morton tagged and hit his patent running knee lift on Ross. Kerry and Ricky double lariat juice down. Ross grabs Kerry with a running boot in the corner and tags Marshall that hits a pretty dropkick. Marshall drops Kerry and Ross gets the tag back for a stereo dropkick (a Rock n ‘Roll Express signature). Some gamemanship is going on.

Von Erichs hits a running boot and crushes Carrie in the corner. Ross sets up Marshall for another boot standing munsalt. Ricky breaks the pin and then hits a Canadian destroyer near Ross. Marshall Ricky’s claw lock! Von Erichs hits a chloe slam and gets 1-2-3 on Ricky!

Winner: Von Ericks

Marshall Hold is too wide to leave and Kerry’s is an exception. Ricky tries to recover, but here comes Dr. Julius Smokes. He says he smells nothing but trailer park rubbish in the ring. Four men ambush by 5150 as he runs down Charlotte and the warriors in the ring! Von Erichs and Morton reunite to clean the house! “Von Jericho – you’re going to die!” Smokes screams as legendary families celebrate in the ring.

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