MipTV has gathered more than 5,000 guests, Mipcom will return to the super-size format

After drawing more than 5,000 delegates to MipTV, the Reed Exhibition has confirmed that Mipcom will return to a super-size format in October.

Lucy Smith, director of Mipcom and MipTV, told a news conference on Wednesday that “in our last general Mipcom in 2019, most of our leading viewers have already confirmed that they will not only return, but come in full force.” For 2022 – the Palace and beyond. “

The executive also mentioned that Mipcom would expand its art showcase targeting producers, show-runners and producers, which happened alongside Miptv and Cancer series. “We introduced this idea in Mipcom last October […] And we plan to make it a growing part of Mipcom’s future footprint, “said Smith.

Smith noted that “as more and more creative executives come to the ears of production companies, their response is that this kind of versatile destination for meetings, creative sessions and events in the center of the market is their value and need.”

As far as trends are concerned, Smith says the main topics of discussion in this edition of MipTV are the continuous integration of the market, the growing appetite for content and the global opportunity for storytelling.

According to Smith, MipTV has attracted more than 5,000 participants from 80 countries, including more than 150 viewers and more than 1,200 subscribers, as well as about 300 online.

As part of this year’s focus on Ukrainian industry, the market welcomed more than 80 Ukrainian guests and organized the launch of a dedicated acquisition fund.

Smith has confirmed that MipTV will return to the three-day format in 2023 and unveiled the dates: April 17-20.

Smith confirmed that the children’s content industry gathering Mip Jr. will return as a separate event.

“MipJunior will return to its regular format – on the weekend at JW Marriott two days before Mipcom, with all its general elements, including conferences, screenings, co-production meetings, match-making and more. ., “He said.” Children’s art [executives] We’re excited to meet here, want to come back, and plan a big launch, and it will keep its place on the calendar. ”

The next market for the Reed exhibition will be MipChina, which will again be held online from June 28.

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