Mikaela Mayer: ‘I see Claresa Shields coming to the top against Savannah

Mikela Mayer believes Clarissa Shields will “rise to the top” when she faces Savannah Marshall, with the undisputed World Cup fight expected to be announced in the coming days.

The Shields sat on the ringside as the Marshalls set up their furious match in Newcastle on Saturday, sending Fame to Harmans to wreck on the canvas in a third-round knockout victory and drawing everyone’s attention to their rivalry.

Hartlepool fighter has been described by his coach Peter Fury as the “biggest puncher” in women’s boxing, but fellow world champion Mayer insisted that Shields would have a scary mindset as he would try to avenge the amateur rate on Marshall.

Mayer, who defended her world title at Sky Sports this weekend, said: “I’m going to feel biased because Clarissa is my teammate and friend, but even though Savannah has proven to have the power, I think Clarissa weighs the punch count and speed handle. Lots for someone.

“I see him coming up, but I’ll be there to support him anyway. I can’t wait for it.

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Shields says Marshall’s knockout power doesn’t bother him before their undisputed World Middleweight title fight

“It simply came to our notice then. She doesn’t like to lose and so she has a chip on her shoulder because Savannah has beaten her.

“I think we’re going to see a different Clarissa Shield that night, a terrible one!”

Despite supporting her teammates, Maya is excited about what the fight for the growth of women’s boxing could potentially do.

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Marshall stopped Herman in destructive fashion with this huge KO of Newcastle

He said: “Savannah is a great boxer. I know from the amateurs here. He’s obviously one of the best professionals out there, he’s got a good name – people love him – and he has a good pro style, he seems to have some good pop.

“I think his fight with Clarissa Shields is going to be a great fight.

“That’s what we need for women’s boxing, we need this competition, this big fight.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can’t wait to see it. “

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Boxer promoter Ben Shalom is aiming for a blockbuster fight between Shields and Marshall this summer.

Boxer promoter Ben Shalom said after Marshall’s fight with Harman that the fight was just “days away” from being confirmed, with summer showdowns expected to be announced in the UK.

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